22 Stages of the Relationship Between a Narcissist and an Empath

22 Stages of the Relationship Between a Narcissist and an Empath

When it comes to a relationship between a narcissist or empath things are always the same. Here we’ll talk about all the stages of such a relationship. Read on and maybe someone will recognize themselves in some of these situations.

1. The Start of the Relationship

In the beginning, the empaths get attracted to the narcissist and love unconditionally and sincerely. Even though the narcissist doesn’t make a strong bond, the empath feels emotionally fulfilled.

The empaths believed their love is returned and felt satisfied just by being with the narcissist.

2. False Notion

The empaths get the impression that they have met the love of their life. It is like that since the narcissist confirms this by creating an illusion that makes the empath believe that their relationship is special and one of a kind.

Then the empath feels a deep bond seemingly impossible to break free.

3. Acting

At some occasions, it seems as the narcissist wants and fights for this bond as much as the empath. But the reality is different; the narcissist just wants someone who invests their love, time, and energy and who is under their control.

4. With Time the Empath Feels Week

With time the narcissist will ensure that the empath feels unconfined, weak, and bereft of the capabilities to do even simple and easy things. You should bear one thing in mind, and that is that a narcissist never attacks openly.

Instead, they use statements such as “I am doing this for your own good,” and “I really don’t want to hurt you but..”

They will try to control you and control everything from deciding on buying something or paying the bills. With time the empath will doubt their capability, and they believe that they need the narcissist in their life.

5. The Empath Believes This Relationship Is Everything

For the empath, this is everything since they are in love. They love the narcissist, and they would do anything to talk, cheer, and help the narcissist. Narcissist presents themselves as the victim of the circumstances, their relationships, and the past.

Empaths are natural givers, and they want to make up for all the bad times that ever happened to their partner, in this case, the narcissist.

6. The Blindness of the Empath

The empath has a clear and good heart and cannot understand that unresolved and deep wounds of their partner aren’t the same as theirs. Healing these wounds is entirely different from healing their own.

7. The Relationship Revolves Around the Narcissist

The whole relationship is about the narcissist. Slowly their partner realizes this, and at a time they feel afraid to combat or talk about their desires and needs. They want to please, and they don’t want to talk about their needs.

Empaths would rather be loved than be disliked. However, at the end of the day, they aren’t happy.

8. It Is All About Control

The more affection, effort, devotion, care and love the empath invests into their relationship, the more the narcissists strengthen the control in the relationship.

Literally, the empath dances to the tune of their partner. And the fact is that the empath cannot see this and they continue to please their partner. The issue happens when the empath reaches a certain breaking point.

9. Breaking Point

Finally, after some time, the empath begins to talk since they cannot stay quiet anymore.

Their emotional needs are unfulfilled, and this happens from the very beginning of the relationship since the empaths have thought that the emotional needs of their partner are all that matters.

When they reach the breaking point, they put themselves first, and surely their partner doesn’t like this.

10. All the Narcissist Wants Is Attention

You should remember one thing the narcissist is nothing more than just an attention seeker. This type of person gets satisfaction when others fuss around them.

They are never satisfied, their needs are never met. They might have new partners, new business, travel the world and still, they won’t be happy. Sadly, the empath doesn’t know this.

11. Control Tactics

Finally when the empath fight for their needs, the narcissist calls them insane. They want to convince the empath that their concerns are unfounded and that the empaths are over-dramatic.

This type of dismissive behavior is the tactic used to get control over the empath.

12. Confusion of the Empath

The empath is confused by the behavior of their partner. Then they begin to blame themselves and start thinking that they don’t deserve love.

13. Reality

The empath cannot figure out that their partner is a manipulator. The narcissists have bent everything just to make a twisted view of the circumstances.

There might be anything around them to find out the truth that they are right and that their partner is wicked.

14. Efforts to Save the Relationship

The empath will try to talk with their partner in all truthfulness. But what their partner will do is just pass the blame and justify their bad behavior.

15. Heartbreak

It’s totally normal to feel hurt, lost, and confused. However, despite the heartbreak, the empath needs to do self-evaluation and be calm in order to understand how to become defenseless. This is when the transformation begins.

16. Empaths Are Healers

Empaths know that by nature they are healers since they have the strength to help others, sometimes life brings them in such situations and sometimes as a duty.

17. Bitter Truth

The empath realizes that not everyone deserves their affection, love, and care. Not everyone who is unhappy and distressed is presenting their true self. Some people have a different look at people and relationships in comparison to them.

Not everyone they love can be trusted so rapidly.

18. Good Out of the Bad

In this particular situation, the empath will realize that they are in a bad situation as the narcissist has always said, but they see this differently.

They make efforts to heal themselves and learn something from this. The narcissist will never be able to do that.

19. Painful Awakening

They will awake, learn and move on.

20. The Narcissist Will Also Move On

The narcissist will move on as if nothing ever happened and as if they are the victim. They won’t even remember that someone loved them intensely and deeply, they won’t remember the bond they had with the empath.

They will just move on and find someone else. So, yes the narcissist will move on but in a different way than the empath.

At one time in their life will understand that they cannot connect with other people and most importantly with themselves.

21. New Victim

The narcissist will find another victim and continue the same way.

22. The Empath

The empath will be more careful, wiser, and stronger. They will become picky about who they give love, time, and affection to.

So, if you can relate to this, remember one thing pain makes you stronger. Heartbreak makes you wiser, and tears make you braver. Therefore, thank the past for a brighter and better future.