How Does The Relationship Between a Narcissist and an Empath Evolve?

The Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

When a narcissist and an empath are in a relationship, the outcome is painful and toxic for the empath. These two are very different. Narcissists are emotionally wounded people who probably had some childhood trauma.

Maybe they have been feeling worthless and unappreciated for a long time, and they ended up seeking attention, validation, and admiration from people. On the other hand, empaths are empathetic and highly sensitive, and they feel the emotions of others.

They want to help people in need, and they would try to help the narcissists. However, this relationship is toxic, and in this article, we will talk about the way it evolves.

1. Attraction

In the first stage, the narcissist attracts the empath and they start a relationship in which the empath is completely in love. But, the narcissist is not interested in building a stronger bond with the empath. The empath feels happy in the relationship without being aware of the reality.

2. Love

During the second stage, the empath believes that they have found the love of their life. And, the narcissist makes the empath think that they share a special bond. Even though it may look like the narcissist appreciates the relationship too, that is not the case. They just want the control.

3. Breaking the Empath’s Self-Esteem

The narcissist tries to make the empath feel weak because they want them to lose self-esteem. Actually, the narcissist will not try to attack the empath directly, but they may say something like “I do not want to hurt you, but..,” and then add something that the empath did.

In this way, the narcissist tries to gain control of the relationship and make each decision. So, the empath slowly begins to believe that they are not capable of doing anything and they had real luck be with the narcissist.

4. The Center of the Empath’s Life

Now, the narcissist is the center of the empath’s life. The empath takes care of the narcissist, tries to make them happy and satisfied. The narcissist will present themselves as the victim, so the empath will give them anything they want.

5. Pure Intentions

Since the empath has a good heart, they have pure intentions. They cannot understand that their wounds are different, and they believe love cannot be “the cure.”

6. It Is All about the Narcissist

As time passes, the empath will realize that everything is about the narcissist. In this stage, the empath would feel afraid to express their desires in the relationship. And, they will try to make the narcissist happy no matter what because they do not want others to dislike them.

7. Too Much Control

The narcissist gets too much control if the empath gives them more devotion, love, affection, and effort. The biggest problem appears when the empath realizes what is going on.

8. Raising the Voice

In this stage, the empath decides to raise their voice because their needs are not being met. And, the narcissist is not happy with the empath speaking up the truth.

9. Constant Attention

No matter how much attention the empath gives the narcissist, they are never satisfied because they need constant attention, and empaths cannot understand this.

10. Gaslighting

In the stage where the empath decides to talk about their relationship, the narcissist begins the gaslighting. They start to call the empath delusional, crazy, over-dramatic, etc. In this way, they want to regain control.

11. Self-Blame

As a result of gaslighting, the empath begins blaming themselves for every problem in the relationship because they feel like they are not worthy of love.

12. Manipulated Once Again

And, again, the empath cannot realize that the narcissist has manipulated them again. So, they cannot believe their own sanity anymore, and they cannot realize that the only person who is wicked and wrong is the narcissist.

13. Pointless Attempts

Whenever the empath tries to communicate with the narcissist they will try to blame them for everything. So, the attempt at having a decent talk is pointless.

14. The Empath Needs to Work on Themselves

In order to feel good again, the empath needs to work a lot on themselves and do a lot of self-reflection. They have to remember that it is okay to feel hurt, lost, confused, and defenseless.

15. Empaths Are Strong

Luckily, empaths possess the inner strength to overcome anything. If they are willing to, they can reduce their pain as well as other people’s pain.

16. Realizing the Bitter Truth

Sooner or later the empath will realize that the narcissist does not deserve any love, care, and affection. Empaths need to understand that not everyone is honest, and not every “I love you” is real.

Also, they have to realize that the true victim in the relationship is themselves, not the narcissist.

17. Moving Forward

In the stage where the empath realizes that their partner will never change, they need to gather the strength to move on and leave that toxic relationship behind.

18. The Narcissist

When the relationship is over, the narcissist will move on as if everything was okay. They may even forget about the enormous love that the empath has given them.

19. The End

In the end, the narcissist will find a new victim, and the empath will become stronger and wiser, and more careful in the next relationship.