Love Requires Hard Work – We Can’t Just Leave When Things Get Tough

Love Requires Hard Work - We Can't Just Leave When Things Get Tough

We may think our relationship is not like anyone else’s. But, it’s probably the same as thousands of relationships out there. Even though there are some things that we are doing a bit differently, we all make an effort to maintain our relationship.

The truth is, relationships or marriages are complicated, messy, and utterly frustrating. Partners spend years growing together and building a strong foundation.

And, since every relationship has its own ups and downs, partners have to look beyond the things that hurt them and move on. Sometimes they lose the trust of one another, but they find a way to rebuild it and believe in the love of their partner over and over again.

It takes a lot of time, effort, commitment, prayers, sacrifice, compromise, smiles, tears, falling apart and getting back up, not liking each other but still loving each other, getting tired but never giving up when working on building a strong relationship and on personal struggles.

It takes even more patience, forgiveness, and understanding. It requires paying no attention to each other’s flaws and focusing on the qualities. And, very often it takes not only a second chance but a thousand ones.

Most importantly, it takes the truest and most unconditional love you can give. And, you give it without wondering who loves more this time. True love means you need to step up sometimes.

Relationships are not only based on feelings and emotions. Sometimes it takes to accept and commit to each other no matter how you feel.

Relationships have many phases, challenges, and roadblocks, and only together they can make it out stronger and better. It requires making the right choices no matter how hard it is for you.

It requires making sacrifices for your partner and knowing they will do the same thing for you.

No one is perfect, so don’t expect your partner or your relationship to be perfect. Instead, strive to live and work on what you already have, and to let go of the little imperfections which are normal.

Try to accept that there will always be something that will bother you in your partner and your relationship. It’s ok to get fed up or mad sometimes – it’s called reality.

You will always feel like you miss something, but then, it’s more important to remind yourself of the things you have. It’s ok not to meet each other’s needs and desires all the time. There will be days when the sparks between you will die down.

There will be a time when it becomes so hard that you want to give up and walk away.

However, it is in those difficult times that you learn what true love means. It means going out of the comfort zone, stepping up when you are not ready, remembering why you love your partner even besides all the hurdles.

Love is accepting your partner with all the qualities and flaws, as you have them too. Love is discovering the best and strongest version of yourself that’s able to survive the worst days. It means learning from failures and moving forward as a better and stronger person.

Does it sound familiar?