8 Red Flags a Relationship Will Not Last

8 Red Flags A Relationship Will Not Last

When we quickly fall in love with someone and start a new relationship all the excitement and fizz will eventually fade away. It is possible that the relationship might last, but there is also a chance that some red flags might appear.

Here are eight red flags that are signs that the relationship will not last long.

1. No Openness and Honesty

A long-lasting relationship will allow the partners to be open and forthcoming with each other. Their level of intimacy is too high. But, when you start to hide things from your partner, huge new problems will appear.

You can’t trust each other, and you are not compatible with your ideas. You can’t function as a couple. This is why you end up hiding the details to have a solid way out in case things don’t work out.

2. You Don’t Fight, But You Don’t Communicate Either

Most people believe they are in a stress-free and blissful relationship because as a couple they never fight. But, fighting is a healthy way of communicating. It shows that the couple is trying to find a way to reach a compromise.

But, the couple that doesn’t talk or express their view is already in crisis. It means that their relationship might not last.

3. You Don’t Make Plans About The Future

This is a clear sign. If the couple doesn’t plan on dating for much longer, they most certainly don’t plan to make their relationship work. It is possible that without future plans the relationship might not last as much as you want it to.

4. Together Only For The Passion

The only thing that brought you two together was passion. But, once that passion mellows down, the relationship will soon follow.

For you to have a long-lasting relationship both you and your partner have to have something that will keep you together. Something that is stronger than a physical connection. There has to be a mental and emotional connection.

Without that you have nothing.

5. Zero Empathy

When a partner becomes dismissive of your feelings, things can become very difficult. Lack of empathy might be a clear sign that your partner doesn’t care that much and it’s not interested in whatever is going on with you.

Such struggles do exist even if people believe they are not a real problem.

6. You Don’t Like Each Other’s Friends

The people you hang out with define you, as a person. You are drawn to people who like the same things you do. Someone with similar qualities and goals. But, if you don’t like your partner’s friends and vice versa, this can be a really big issue.

In time both of you will find meaningless reasons to fight over your friends.

7. You Feel Obliged To Spend Time With Your Partner

Dates are not an obligation. They are moments that should refill your energy and enthusiasm. But, if it is more difficult to spend time with your partner, it is obvious that you think it is your duty to spend time with them.

This is an obvious red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

8. No Compromise

Without compromise there is nothing. You can’t just sacrifice your time to do something you hate. A compromise must exist. Otherwise, the romance can quickly disappear, and the relationship might end.

You will gain nothing if you argue all the time. That is why it is important to apologize and try to find a way to solve the problem that will be beneficial for both of you.