10 Red Flags a Relationship is Close to an End

10 Red Flags a Relationship is Close to an End

There is no perfect relationship, but that does not mean that we should close our eyes to the truth. We need to be careful of some troubling signs that may appear when our relationship is getting closer to an end.

It is not healthy nor productive to be in a relationship in which we are constantly analyzing the value of it. Also, there are people who easily and quickly fall in love, but their feelings may end sooner than expected.

Usually, if a relationship gets the next 10 red flags, couples break up, divorce, or decide to be unhappy, but together.

1. You Have Forgotten the Good Things

When a relationship comes to a time in which there are a lot of conflicts, the couple is preoccupied with the negative things, so the memories of the good times are completely forgotten.

2. You Cannot Speak Openly

If you and your partner are unable to speak openly about things, that may be a problem. By not talking to each other, your relationship and emotional closeness are going to cool off. A perfectly matching couple would not have problems with open conversations.

3. Unable to Solve a Conflict

Conflicts are normal, and everyone has them. But, the way you as a couple solve the conflict is essential. When you start handling conflicts in a destructive manner (yelling, interrupting, calling names) there is a chance that you are going to end your relationship.

4. You No Longer Look Forward to Coming Home

Avoiding coming home to your partner is a serious sign. If you do not want to see your partner or be with them, then you have already begun the process of a breakup.

5. Keeping Secrets

If you begin to keep secrets from your partner, then your relationship may end. You should bear in mind that privacy and secrecy are different things. On the one hand, is healthy and normal to have your privacy, but keeping secrets leads to disaster.

6. No Conflicts at All

Although it sounds perfect, no conflicts in a relationship is a bad sign. A healthy relationship needs disagreements that can be handled in a good way by both of the partners. On the other hand, no conflicts mean avoiding topics that make you feel bad, and this leads to further issues.

7. Only One of You is Trying

When you are in a relationship, both, you and your partner need to work on yourselves. But, when only one of the partners is working on themselves, or trying to make the relationship better, then the end is coming closer.

8. Not Prepared for the Next Step

It is normal to hesitate in a relationship, and not everyone can be immediately sure if they have found the right one. But, when you come to a point in which it is time to make a big decision, and you are not ready to do it, then, there is a possibility of a breakup.

9. Violence

If your partner wants to get serious very soon, does not take ‘no’ for an answer, jealousy, possessiveness, and over control are coming in, then, that may indicate that your partner may become violent.

10. No More Trust

Feeling an urge to check your partner’s phone or laptop is a sign of a break up too. Although it is hard to bring back the trust, it is possible if both sides are committed.

If you see some of these red flags in your relationship, you should try to find a solution before you decide on a breakup. However, a break up is better than staying in a toxic relationship that cannot be fixed.