6 Unexpected Reasons Why So Many Intelligent and Beautiful Women are Single

6 Unexpected Reasons Why So Many Intelligent and Beautiful Women Are Single

There are so many intelligent and beautiful single women out there, and many people wonder why are they still single? Well, first of all, there’s nothing wrong with being single since people don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

Who can say that happiness is being in a relationship with someone just for the sake of it? No one! Happiness is being with someone that is worth our love and respect. Happiness is the family, friends, career, hobby, and the feeling of self-worth and self-esteem.

The reason why some women are single is not that they feel superior to the rest, or because they are afraid someone will shatter their hopes and break their hearts.

It’s also not because they are focusing only on their career and achieving high social status, or because they have trust issues.

It’s their high self-esteem and intellectual abilities that don’t allow them to get into a relationship with someone just to say they are with someone.

They would rather enjoy life by themselves than be with someone that will only waste their time and energy, not being able to keep up with them in most aspects of life.

They won’t accept anyone who lacks feelings of affection and confidence, or someone who doesn’t try to commit.

They won’t settle until they find the one that can stand with them on equal footing.

They are happy to wait for their equal, but until then, they will try to sort out many things in life, like friends, job, family, issues, finances, wardrobe, exes… So, no, they are not desperately waiting for someone to save them!

These intelligent, cool, attractive, emotionally available women are rocking their life!

Here are a few more reasons why more and more women stay single.

6 Reasons Why Women Can Be Single

1. Self-Worth

Single women know their self-worth so they won’t be with someone who doesn’t meet their needs. They are looking for someone who will have all the characteristics they expect, like strength, confidence, independence, passion, affection, honesty, etc.

They know what they want, and won’t accept anything less.

2. Independence

These women are strong and intelligent and constantly work on improving themselves on a personal and professional level. They are independent and don’t need someone to feel good about themselves.

They can do it all on their own. So, it’s natural that they expect the same thing from their partner. They can’t stand men who lack commitment or ambition.

3. Not Tolerating Bullsh*t

Smart and confident women won’t allow anyone to play mind games with them. So, they would never be with someone who could hurt their feelings or lie and cheat on them. Most of them had bad experiences before, so they won’t allow being manipulated again.

4. Able to Protect Themselves

These women don’t wait for the prince on a white horse to save them from the world’s evils. They don’t need anyone to protect them or watch them while they sleep.

They are not even afraid to be single mothers so even if they have someone in their life, they won’t hesitate to leave him if they are not happy. They know they’ll be happy and safe on their own.

5. Not Letting the Man Be Superior to Them

Single women know their value, so they will never allow someone to diminish their confidence. They will never pretend to be naïve or in some cases even stupid just to prevent their man from feeling inferior to them.

No, they will say what they think and do what they want. And, some men find this intimidating so they can’t keep up with them. Overall, men who try to be superior to them all the time are a big no-no for them.

6. Not Following Hetero-Normative Rules

These women refuse to follow the set path in life which goes something like school, career, marriage, babies, raising kids, death.

They know life is so much more, so they don’t rush to find a man that can marry and have babies with.

Even though that’s completely normal and ok, they won’t accept anyone just to follow this set path. They have no problems waiting for the right one, and what’s more, they will enjoy life while waiting.