5 Reasons Why She is Every Man’s Dream

5 Reasons Why This Type of Women Is Every Man's Dream

Girls who have enormous hearts are loving, caring, compassionate, and honest. Those girls who have sarcastic minds are sassy and witty. But what can we say about those girls who are a combination of both things?

Well, one thing is certain, they are unique, never the same, and one of a kind. They have the biggest heart, which is usually hidden behind their sassy attitude and witty comments.

This woman is sensitive but confident; she is brave but soft. You might think that is someone who is too complicated or hard to handle, but the reality is different.

In case you are lucky enough to have this woman in your life, a woman who has a sarcastic mind and a big heart you need to be prepared to be loved hard.

Also, you should get ready to enjoy every moment of your life, because she can make ordinary things interesting. This type of woman is every man’s dream. Why? Read on to learn more.

5 Reasons Why She Is Every Man’s Dream

#1 She Has a Sharp Mind

This woman is fast on the uptake. She is very resourceful and smart. She adapts to every single situation. Regardless of what she does, she knows how to make it fun and interesting. You see, for her, it is very important to love every second of the day.

She is the type of person that always tells things just the way they are. She will tell the truth even if you do not want to hear it. She knows that the truth can hurt sometimes, but it is what matters in the end.

Also, when she makes sarcastic comments, she doesn’t want to be rude, but she simply cannot help it.

#2 It Is Not Easy to Tell Whether She Is Honest or Just Messing with You

Recognizing if she is honest about her emotions can be like solving a mystery. You see, sometimes, she might seem indifferent, and then she will be open and talk about everything. Then you might think she is sarcastic.

This type of woman is free and wild. She isn’t scared to show how she feels, but she wants to wait and see if revealing herself is a smart thing to do. That is why she might seem enigmatic, but most men stay interested because of that.

#3 She Might Look Tough, But She’s Sensitive


On the outside, she is tough and heartless. She might seem strong, and by her sarcastic, witty comments and comebacks you will see that she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

But underneath all of that, there is a big heart. She has pure, potent, and profound emotions in comparison to other women. You see, she feels things more deeply.

And when she loves she does it fiercely and unconditionally.

#4 She Isn’t Scared of Good Comebacks

In case you tell a joke or make a sarcastic remark at her expense, she will not get offended. This woman has a remarkable, sharp wit and that is why she can tolerate the sarcastic comments of other people.

But, do not get fooled she will never tolerate it in case you try to offend her. This woman knows that there is a big difference between snarky, sardonic, and hostile comments and ones that are witty.

#5 She Will Show Her Affection In Every Way Possible

She knows that love is not only about the best romantic dates or saying “I love you.” She shows her love for the small things.

She might leave you a good morning note on the fridge in order to make you smile; she might call you to check up on you, just to show you that even in the busiest hour of her day she thinks of you.

She might prepare you a cup of coffee in the morning just to spoil you. This is how she loves; she shows it with the little things. Because for this woman actions are everything.

This is how it looks like to be loved by a woman who has a sharp mind and the biggest heart. If you have her in your life, don’t let her go, she’s a keeper.