13 Reasons Why Even the Strongest Wоmen Get Hurt

13 Reasons Why Even the Strongest Wоmen Get Hurt

A strong woman is really something special. Some people believe that they are resistant to pain, and some people fear them because of their strength. Yes, most people believe a strong woman is immune and resilient to getting hurt.

But the reality is different. A strong woman can also get hurt or be heartbroken. Most people look up to them. Strong women are those we all aspire to be. They seem as if nothing hurts them and as if they can do anything no matter what happens around them.

They are the women that are always there for us during our best and worst. They seem incredibly resilient to pain, but that is not the truth. Why does this happen? Read on to find out more.

And maybe you will understand the strong woman you know, whether is your grandma, your teacher, your mother or perhaps yourself.

13 Reasons Why Even Strongest Women Get Hurt

#1 Strong Women Are Completely Aware of Their Worth

When it comes to strong women one thing is certain, they are entirely aware of their worth, and they can quickly identify when someone else is trying to take advantage of them. Sometimes, having to walk away is the hardest thing to do.

But a strong woman does it no matter what because she is completely aware that she is what matters the most. This breaks her heart, but she is completely aware that it is for her own good.

#2 Strong Women Often Take the Fall

By being strong, they are always expected to take charge of things. However, when something isn’t right, they are the ones that end up getting blamed. Strong women, it is expected to make everything work and fix everything.

And this is something that can be hard to handle. They are the only ones they can lean on, and this is something that hurts.

#3 Strong Women Refuse to Give Up

For a woman to become strong, you should know that she had been through a lot, and her heart had been broken many times. But a strong woman never gives up, and she never stops loving people.

She will give all she has and never give up. This can be hard to do.

#4 Strong Women Don’t Apologize for Themselves

You should know that a strong woman believes in learning from her own and other people’s mistakes. Often, they aren’t afraid or ashamed to admit that they are wrong. But remember one thing they will never apologize for who they are.

This means losing people in their life, and this can be painful as well.

#5 Strong Women Are Authentic

They are authentic, and no,  they aren’t afraid to be themselves. That means being different from the rest. They embrace themselves for who they are, and due to this, they are open to criticism. No matter how strong they are, still this can be painful.

#6 Being In a Relationship Isn’t Their Priority

Strong women don’t believe that being with someone should be a priority. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be in a relationship.

For them, this is hard since it is tough to find a man that will be comfortable around such a strong woman.

#7 All Strong Women Have High Standards

When it comes to these women, one thing is sure; they will treat you the way they want to be treated. Yes, they have high standards because they are entirely aware of their worth.

And it can be hard due to these high standards, but they are completely aware that they need to follow them in order to be happy. They will never settle, under any circumstances for less than what they deserve.

#8 Strong Women Are Not Afraid of Getting Their Heart Broken

You need to understand that a strong woman has been through tough times in her life, and she had to experience hurt on many occasions.

Due to this fact, she is not afraid of getting heartbroken, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t get hurt.

#9 Strong Women Are Complete Aware of How They Feel

Once you see a strong woman, you might think that she has no feelings whatsoever. However, the reality is completely the opposite. Remember, that this woman might not show her emotions, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have them.

She knows how she feels and she accepts them. That is why she is strong.

#10 Strong Women Are Not Afraid of Failure

Yes, failing can hurt and can be really ugly, but strong women know that this must happen. This doesn’t stop them from trying over and over again until they reach their goal or dream.

#11 Strong Women Need to Be Strong for Others

The thing about strong women is that they rarely show vulnerability, and that is why on many occasions they have been the ones that protect their loved ones, family, and friends from everything.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t vulnerable, it just means that they have no other choice.

#12 A Strong Woman Is Always There for You

She is the type of person you can always count on no matter what. She will be there when you need her, and she will ask for nothing in return.

#13 A Strong Woman Lives at the Moment

A strong woman is always focused on what happens around her at the moment, she tries her best to live in the present, and not in the past.

So, to the all-strong women out there, our grandmothers, our mothers, our teachers, the cook lady, and the janitor at our school, thank you for being strong and being a role model for all of us.

You might not be aware, but with your small acts, you are slowly making the world a better place.