How a Man Loses The Woman Who Wants to Be with Him

How A Man Loses The Woman Who Wants To Be With Him

Some women might feel their partner is somehow becoming more and more distant. A man may think she complains a lot for not getting enough attention, but he should maybe ask himself if it’s not her but him?

The problem is that women tend to think that the man will change, and he won’t, while the problem with men is that they think that a woman will never leave them, but she will.

Yes, she might be in love with you, but still, she might leave you. You might be the love she has been waiting for her entire life, but your actions can be the reason why should walk away from you.

Do you know why she would leave you? Well, this is how you can lose the love of your life.

7 Reasons You Can Lose the Love of Your Life

1. She Is Never a Priority

You are going to lose your partner if you never give her the needed priority status. Even if you are everything to her, you treat her as a second option.

You are surely going to lose her if you don’t give her the necessary appreciation and validation that she deserves from you.

2. You Distance Yourself from Her

You are definitely going to lose your significant other if you always distance yourself, even though she wants to be beside you. This happens because you are uncomfortable around her, and she is the one that would do everything for you.

She is doing everything to make you happy, and still, you don’t make time for her at all. You never let her in completely. She is completely open to you about everything, and still, you refuse to let her in your life.

3. You Keep Blurring the Lines in Your Relationship

Every woman needs security so she can be sure about you. You will lose her if you don’t give her the consistency she needs. She is the first one to re-schedule appointments in case you need her, but you are never there when she needs you.

Your partner is giving 100 % in this relationship, although she can clearly see that you don’t put any effort into it. She tries her best for you to have a happy life and what she gets in return is greyscale.

4. You Lie to Her

Let’s get one thing straight; you are going to lose her if you lie to her. She is not a fool. She is very well aware that you lie to her. But what she does is that she chooses to overlook your lies cause she knows what is important, and causes you to mean the world to her.

It hurts her. Yes, every time you lie to her, it hurts her, but she remains quiet. Why? Because your partner would rather live with your lies than live without you. But, don’t get too comfortable, because is only a matter of time when she will leave you.

She is going to understand that she doesn’t have to deal with your lies. She is going to want more from life and all people in her life. And, for sure she will demand the same thing from you, which is not much. What she wants are honesty and respect.

She has never lied to you, so why would she put up with your lies? Isn’t she worthy of your honesty?

5. You Are Afraid and Refuse to Commit

If you refuse to commit to her, there are high chances that she will walk out of your life. Yes, you might be sure that she is always going to choose you, put your needs first, and make sure that you are happy.

But, she wants the same thing in return. Your partner wants to hear that she is the one and that you want to commit.

If you can’t commit, one day she won’t have the strength to deal with your commitment issues, and she is going to walk away, even if you are the love of her life.

6. You Make Her Feel Like She Has Nothing to Offer

You make her feel worthless and like she has nothing to offer, and every time you do this you lose her. She might not say it, but be sure that she expects you to show her the deserved appreciation.

All you need to do is validate her efforts, but you don’t care. She often gets the impression that no matter what she does, she won’t satisfy your needs and be enough.

Your partner will wake up one day, and she will decide that she is tired. She will realize that no matter what she does, she will never be enough for you.

7. You Treat Her As She Is an Object of Pleasure

Don’t treat her like an object of pleasure because you will most definitely lose her. She is not a tool; she is not a means towards some end. This woman deserves to be your end and your destination.

Your partner is not a pit stop, so don’t treat her like one. All she wants from you is to love her, want her, hold her, respect her and cherish her.


Open your eyes, can’t you see that she is fighting for your love, only your love and nothing more. Isn’t that a fantastic feeling? To know that someone loves you just for who you are.

Try to change, exercise love and understanding, give her the validation and respect she deserves. If you don’t do that, well, eventually one day you will realize that you should have treated her better.

But, she will no longer be there, cause it will be too late. Don’t take her for granted, because someday, someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t.

And remember one thing, a woman loves as if she will never leave, but she leaves as if she never loved!