16 Reasons to Consume Avocado Every Day

This Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Consume Avocado Every Day

During the last years, avocados have become very popular among people around the world. They are one of the healthiest fruits. (1) Avocado samples have been found in Puebla, Mexico about 10,000 years ago.

They belong to the family of camphor and cinnamon, and they grow on trees that can be six feet high. Just like bananas, avocados ripen one or two weeks after they are being ripped. About 100 grams of avocado contains 160 calories.

This fruit is very popular because of its amazing nutritional profile. It has a lot of B-vitamins, vitamin-C, E, K, then, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, and manganese.

An average avocado has 23 percent of the recommended daily dosage of potassium, which is higher than in bananas. You should consume avocado because it is excellent for your cardiovascular system, and it decreases the risk of having a stroke.

Below we offer you a list of many reasons why you should consume avocado.

1. Your body gets enough lycopene as well as beta-carotene. So, you protect your heart, skin, and vision. (2)

2. The lutein avocado prevents vision issues like macular degeneration and cataract.

3. Avocado has a lot of folates which is a strong component that prevents spina bifida, and it decreases the risk of cardiovascular issues, and stroke.

4. You can prevent the gathering of plaque in your arteries and decrease your LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides with the help of beta-sitosterol that avocado has.

5. Some studies say that oleic acid prevents prostate cancer as well as the development of oral cancer cells.

6. Avocados have a lot of fiber which improves digestion as well as controls blood sugar levels. So, consuming avocado helps you lose weight.

7. If you want to treat the arthritis symptoms, make a mixture of carries oil and avocado extract, and apply it on your skin.

8. Eat avocado because it contains anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the polyphenols and flavonoids it contains.

9. You can remove bad breath and clean your intestines by consuming avocados.

10. Avocado oil is helpful in treating skin issues such as psoriasis.

11. You can slow down your aging by consuming avocado because it contains glutathione. Also, you can fight against free radicals, protect your heart, and prevent damage to your DNA.

12. Eating avocado is very healthy because it generally prevents cancer as well as other illnesses and conditions.

13. By eating avocado you take care of your liver because, in fact, avocados are excellent at lowering liver damage. It has many compounds that help your liver be healthier.

14. Including avocado in a meal is important for people who suffer from chronic kidney disorders because it maintains the balance of fluids and minerals.

15. Pregnant women know the struggle of morning sickness. And, because of avocado’s high amounts of vitamin B6, it reduces nausea as well as vomiting. Go for avocado if you are pregnant.

16. Since avocado contains carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, including zinc, copper, phosphorous, calcium and selenium, it is very healthy and useful for strengthening your bones. Also, you can lower the risk of osteoporosis if you consume avocado and soy. (3)

So, now we hope you are convinced to include avocado in your everyday diet. You can consume it raw, or add it to your salads, smoothies or sauces.

7 Ways to Eat Avocado

1. Only Avocado

If you want to eat your avocado raw, you can sprinkle it with lemon juice, or whatever seasoning you like. Also, you can try out some balsamic vinegar or paprika.

2. Avocado Spread

Make yourself a toast and spread avocado on it. This way you get a healthy and rich topping which does not contain cholesterol.

3. Avocado Dip (Guacamole)

Did you know you can eat your chips or veggies sticks with diced or mashed fresh avocados? This is a healthy and tasty snack.

4. Avocado Salad

Cut your avocado into pieces and make yourself a salad.

5. Burgers and Sandwiches

Yes, you can add avocado’s creamy flair to any of your sandwiches.

6. Avocado Fries

This sounds tasty! You must try it! You do not need a fryer for this recipe. But, you should cut your avocado in pieces, dip them in egg, roll them in breadcrumbs and bake at about 400 degrees.

7. Chocolate Mousse

Yes, you read that right. You can make yourself a chocolate mousse with avocado. Make a mixture of one ripe avocado, six ounces of melted chocolate, three tbsps. of honey, and a little bit of salt. Put it in a blender till you get a smooth mixture.

After all, this fruit is rich in nutrients that many modern foods do not have. And, incredibly healthy and tasty is what everyone needs in their diet.