Reasons Our Big Sister is The Most Important Person in Our Life

12 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is a Blessing

Having a big sister is just like having a best friend we can’t get rid of. Those who have a big sister know that she is the biggest protector, greatest critic, and best friend at the same time.

Yes, for sure at least once she brought us in tears, but at the end of the day, she’s our unconditional and best friend no matter what.

For sure, if she weren’t our sister we would choose her as a friend. A big sister is very important in our life; she influenced almost every aspect of our life.

A big sister is very important. Why? Read on, to find out more.

Top 12 Reasons Why Having a Big Sister Is a Blessing

1. She Knows How to Deal with Your Parents

A big sister always knows how your parents will react to something. As a matter of fact, if you look back at things, you will see that she serves and an instruction manual on how to deal with your parents better.

She’s been through it all, and she understands what is like.

2. She Shares Your Childhood Memories

Inevitably, both of you have a lot of childhood memories. There is nothing better than having a glass of wine and talking about funny memories with your sister. Cause who can forget when your grandma’s teeth fell off while she was blowing the candles on her cake.

3. She Is Honest

Your big sister will never sugarcoat things. She is honest with you no matter what. She will be the first one to tell you if she thinks you are making a wrong decision on something.

Sometimes you might find this hard, but it’s important to have people in your life who keep things real.

4. She Is By Your Side No Matter What

One thing is for sure; your big sister is here to support you no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a speeding ticket or a recent breakup, she will be there. And isn’t it great, to know that you are never alone?

5. She Knows Your Worth

Don’t forget; your big sister has been beside you since you were a baby. She knows your true colors, and she knows your capabilities. A big sister always knows if you are doing your best.

In times of doubt, she will be the first one to remind you of your worth.

6. There Are No Boundaries at All

In your relationship with your sister, there are no boundaries. That means that you can feel the freedom that only comes with siblings.

There are no weird moments between you. You can walk around in your underwear and feel cool about it. Or moreover, one might sit on the toilet while you are talking. You are sisters, for you it’s normal.

7. Your Big Sister Is Your First Friend

She is there for you since day one. Don’t forget that your big sister is a witness to every dramatic breakup, lousy haircut, and funny fall in the yard.

8. Her Closet Is Your Closet

Oh, the joy of having two closets. And some of her clothes look better on you, right? Having a big sister is a blessing, one such blessing comes with two closets.

9. Her Home Is Always Open

In times when you need to get away from the chaos at work and relax, there isn’t a safer place than your sister’s home.

You know that you are always welcomed, you can go sit down, not talk and feel like you just had the best conversation in your life.

10. She’s Cheaper Than Therapy

A big sister is a therapy you can afford. She is a good listener, you know she cares about your feelings, so you feel free to pour your emotions out in front of her. Last, but not least she always seems to help you make the right decision.

11. She Was the Experiment

Yes, this for sure is a benefit, well at least for you. Your parents undoubtedly tested all their punishments and rules on your big sister.

For instance, when she would stay out longer beyond the curfew, she would get grounded. On the other hand, when you would have found yourself in the same situation all you needed to do was to text that you’ll be back late and not on time.

12. You Had a Fun Childhood Thanks to Her

When she was babysitting, she would let you eat fast food, watch movies and play loud music. Moreover, she told your parents that you went to bed on time. Back then, this was amazing.

If you can relate, you are a lucky person. Don’t forget to hug your big sister, for sure she deserves it.