10 Traits Our Partner Loves Us for But May Not Say it Out Loud

10 Qualities Your Partner Secretly Loves You For

Ever wondered why our partner loves us? Probably at least once, we have wondered which aspects of our personality made us attractive? Although, it’s true that once we fall in love with someone we don’t think about why or how we fell in love.

Love acts as an unstoppable force. Love is similar to magic it just happens. But, usually, people fall in love due to certain small aspects which they like about their partner.

Our partner may not say it out loud, but certainly, there are a couple of things he/she loves about us. Don’t wonder, read on and find out why your partner fell in love with you.

10 Qualities Your Partner Loves You For

1. How Polite You Are

Being polite is a lovable quality in every person. If you treat your partner politely, that shows that you value the relationship.

The words “thank you” and “please,” might appear small, but they mean so much. Yes, you might not be the most polite person on a bad day. But if you apologize and handle the situation afterward politely you will gain the love of your partner once more.

2. How Empathetic You Are

Empathy is crucial in every relationship. As a matter of fact, there is hardly any chance for a relationship to survive without empathy.

The feeling when you can relate to your partner is just unexplainable. Everyone wants to feel understood, and that a specific situation can mean the world to your partner. This is why you are their love since you are the other half.

3. Your Vulnerabilities and Fears

You should be completely open about your vulnerabilities and fears with your partner. Your partner will understand since no one is perfect and all people have fears about certain things in life.

If you be open about this, your partner will feel like they can do the same with you. That means that people who aren’t scared to be vulnerable make more opportunities for romantic and meaningful connections, thanks to their openness.

When you show your vulnerable side, your partner is aware that you trust them enough to share your weaknesses.

4. Your Opinion

Your partner cares about your feelings. Therefore, when you share your opinion about a certain thing, they want to hear it.

Everyone wants someone who knows what they want, no matter if it’s simple like “what to eat for dinner”. It’s vital to share your opinions, that is how you can build a strong and healthy relationship.

5. Your Motivation and Drive

It can be inspiring to have someone in your life that loves to go after what they want and chase their dreams.

If you can relate to this, for sure, you can make your partner a better person. They love to see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about stuff that matters to you.

They are proud of you and your motivation which drives you to go after your passions and make your dreams come true.

Moreover, if you inspire them to do the same, for sure, they love you. This is a relationship that can surely stand the test of time.

6. How Kind and Sweet You Are

It is an excellent quality to treat your partner with understanding and respect. If you do that, for sure, they will want to treat you the same.

It’s beautiful for a change just to enjoy the love, and not deal with stressful drama. Remember that your partner notices how you treat people around you such as co-workers, friends, and family.

If you are kind to those around you as well, you are the one.

7. Your Conviction and Honesty

This is a crucial trait that makes you very lovable. Most people have been lied to in past relationships, and some people feel the pain even today.

Sometimes, we might be aware that our partner is lying, but we choose to stay quiet just to avoid conflicts. When your significant other know that you are completely honest with them, that is very beneficial for the relationship.

Honesty can help you build a healthy and strong relationship. You just have to believe that honesty will only bring good stuff to your life and relationship.

8. Your Ability to Make Everything Fun

Yes, we are all that aware that you cannot go every day on a trip, to the theatre or to a restaurant. Although this sounds nice, you should be able to make your relationship fun no matter where you are.

When you are happy with simple things, such as a chill night with popcorn, pajamas, and movies, it shows how comfortable and relaxed you are with your partner.

In order to enjoy all you need is your partner’s company. This makes you a great and desirable partner.

9. The Things Which Make You Who You Are

All people are different in certain things, and the small habits and quirks we have might be attractive to your partner.

Your partner should love you for who you are. Maybe you twirl your hair or pronounce specific words funny. For sure your partner knows this and loves you for your unique characteristics.

10. How Cute You Are When You’re Embarrassed

For them seeing you embarrassed is adorable since they see it as a genuine reaction to emotions which is hard for you to hide.

No matter, if your cheeks turn red or you get sweaty palms, at the end of the day remember it’s cute, cause it’s honest. Embarrassment is a sign that a specific person values relationships and it’s very likely to be a reliable and loyal person.

Therefore, while your significant other would never do anything to embarrass you on purpose, they will want to be around you in order to console you in such situations.


In the art of relationships and love, there are many things that your significant other loves and notices. Things that you might not have even thought of in the first place. So, how many of these qualities do you see in your partner?