Quarterback Fulfills His Promise and Takes the Girl with Down Syndrome to Prom

Quarterback Fulfills His Promise and Takes the Girl with down Syndrome to Prom

For Mary Lapkowicz, the road to social acceptance was never easy. Since she was born with Down syndrome, most of the children at the school excluded her from the start. But, she met a boy in second grade who changed her life forever.

His name is Ben Moser. One day, when Ben was playing soccer with the kids, he noticed that Mary was not playing with the team. So, he stopped the game and told the children to let Mary score. Since then, Ben and Mary became friends.

In fact, Ben took on a brother role. He watched over Mary, said one of the teachers. In fact, whenever she was alone and bored, Ben would talk to her. He would pull her in whatever activity the other children were doing.

At recess, whenever Mary looked like she was not having fun, Ben would join her, talk to her and play with her. He was constantly watching over her – said their teacher.

In fourth grade, Ben asked his mom if children like Mary go to prom. His mom said of course they do if someone asks them. So, Ben decided to take Mary to prom. He bought balloons with ‘’prom’’ written on them.

When he gave her the balloons, he asked Mary to go to prom with him. Mary admitted she was surprised. Even though she planned to go to prom with some friends, she was overwhelmed when Ben asked her to go together.

For the night, Mary chose to wear a Chic and gorgeous lavender gown. That is when 3 of their teachers decided to meet and talk and share their story.

Ben says ‘’ No matter if you have Down syndrome or not, you should be who you are. And simply do what’s right ‘’. This young gentlemen truly is an inspiration. Watch the video and see for yourself.