10 Plants to Keep in Our Home for Cleaner Air

10 Plants to Keep in Your Home for Cleaner Air

Nowadays we seem to forget the benefits of breathing in the fresh air on a daily basis. Remember that in modern times there is big pollution in the air and the fact that we live in big cities away from nature severely impacts the quality of the air we breathe every day.

But there is one good natural way to clear the air we breathe, and that is having a plant. Having plants can be very beneficial. How?

Well, plants absorb air-polluting inorganic and organic chemicals and break these chemicals down into compounds which then the plants use for energy.

And we get to breathe clean air thanks to these plants. All we need to do is get these plants and provide them with enough sunlight and water for survival.

Studies on This Topic

They are a few studies on this topic. One study came to the discovery that plants can really purify stagnant air.

Another study compared one room devoid of plants and one room filled with plants. It was found that the room without plants had a 50 percent higher level of airborne bacteria and microbes.

Having indoor plants is beneficial since they provide humidity. But in order to enjoy the benefits, you need to have the right plants at your home. Which are those? Read on, to find out.

Best Plants for Cleaner Indoor Air

#1 Lavender

Did you know that you can use lavender for cleaning your air indoors? The aroma of lavender naturally relaxes your brain and calms the nerves, and also it helps you breathe more easily and slowly.

#2 Gerbera Daisy

This is a great plant to have in your home. You should know this plant helps clean VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in the indoor air. Moreover, this plant can help eliminate benzene that might be out-gassed by the natural gas stove.

How to take care of this plant? It’s easy, just find a south-facing window in your house and keep it there. This plant needs plenty of sunlight.

#3 Elephant Ear

This plant is excellent since it can remove formaldehyde at higher concentrations. But, you should be careful with this plant since it is poisonous. Keep it out of reach from your pets and young kids.

#4 Peace Lily

This is a beautiful plant that can help you improve your health. It is said that it is excellent when it comes to eliminating 3 of the most volatile organic compounds, i.e., VOCs. Those are trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene.

Also, it is said that this plant can help lower the amount of xylene and toluene in the air. When it comes to taking care of this plant, you shouldn’t worry, since this is an easy plant to care for. This plant doesn’t require too much sun, all it needs is indirect sunlight.

When the leaves drop slightly, then it is time to water the plant. But bear in mind that the peace lily is a poisonous plant, so avoid places where your kids or pets have access.

#5 Draceana Plant – Warneckei

It is said that this plant can eliminate harmful toxins in the area and provide oxygen that will purify the stagnant air. This is the ideal indoor plant since it doesn’t need too much sunlight.

#6 Spider Plant

Formaldehyde is a pollutant that is found in homes due to the solvents and resins in building materials. You should bear in mind that prolonged exposure to this pollutant can lead to irritation of the lungs, eyes, and throat, also allergies, and respiratory disorders.

One study came to the discovery that the spider plant can reduce the amount of formaldehyde in an indoor space.

#7 Aloe Vera

This is a famous plant for its many health benefits. But it is time to add another great health benefit to the list, and that is to clean the air. Yes, this miraculous plant can release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at night.

Also, it can remove benzene from home. Benzene is found in chemical cleaners and paint as well.

The great thing about Aloe Vera is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. It just needs a small amount of sunlight and water in order to survive.

#8 English Ivy

This is also another great plant to keep indoors for clean air. It is said that this plant filters fecal particles and formaldehyde aerosols from the indoor air. There are a couple of varieties of this plant, but you should bear in mind that it is poisonous.

So keep it out of reach from pets and kids. This plant requires bright light and partial shade but is never put in direct sunlight.

#9 Chinese Evergreen

This is a tropical plant, it needs water, but it doesn’t require much sunlight. Just add one or two plants to your house, and you will notice that you will breathe better.

#10 Bamboo Palm

The surface of the leaves extracts carbon dioxide from the air at night and returns oxygen to the room. This is a good plant to keep in bedrooms.

You should know that the bamboo palm prefers low light, being away from the sunny window but having moist soil. The humidity in the moist soil can lower the number of bacteria and mold in the air.

And as a result, you will sleep better and breathe easier.

So, these are the top 10 plants for cleaner air indoors. Did you know that having plants can help you breathe better and easier? Do you have any of these plants? Which one would you add to your home?