Why People Really Cheat on Their Partners According to Psychology

Why People Really Cheat on Their Partners According to Psychology

John Howard, a therapist, says that cheating is incredibly common. Supposedly, 50% of all people who are in a relationship, cheat on their partner. In recent years, the divorce rate also hovers at around 50%, and cheating is the main reason for failed marriages.

So, the question is why do people cheat? According to relationship experts and social scientists, monogamy is the main reason. In other words, people can’t stay committed to only one person in their life.

One couples’ therapist, Franklin Porter, claims that he believes being monogamous is not natural. He strongly believes that men are supposed to impregnate many women to increase the species.

Also, people are filled with the desire to ‘’explore ‘’ what they long for. Well, to find the real answer to why do people cheat, scientists dug deeper and decided to publish their study in the JSR.

The Clear Reasons Why Do People Cheat

According to a team of researchers, these are the most common reasons why people decide to cheat in a relationship.

1. Fallen Out of Love

After some time, one partner may fall out of love with their spouse. This feeling of lack of love can make them cheat. This may seem straightforward, but, it is also used as an excuse.

Scientists believe that not feeling attracted to your partner anymore, can also cause someone to cheat. Other factors that come into play are boredom and lack of communication.

2. Lack of Commitment

There are many people who simply can’t stay committed to their partners. To them, the relationship is open and can end at any time. But, the problem with this belief is when both partners don’t share the same opinion.

If someone wants to stay in a relationship, they have to be committed. What most people miss is that commitment is very close to intimacy. If you lack either of them, your relationship can fall apart.

3. The Need to Enhance Their Image

Having multiple partners can boost their self-esteem. That is why many men and women cheat on their partners. This way, they increase their self-confidence and gain more social credibility.

Even though cheating is extremely common among younger adults, older adults cheat as well.

4. Finding Excuses ( I Was Drunk! )

This happens at the wrong place and at the wrong time. People blame their cheating actions on drugs and alcohol for creating the perfect excuse for their poor choice. They strongly believe that finding the right excuse can get them out of any situation.

The Effects of Cheating

Cheating can have a huge physical, emotional and psychological impact. In other words, it can be extremely devastating for both individuals.

According to a study issued in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, there is a link between both health-compromising and mental health behaviors, says M. Rosie Shrout from the University of Nevada.

She claims that once people experience being cheated on, they engage in more risky behavior. Due to the psychological and emotional distress, they do not think calmly. As a result, they will eat less, drink more alcohol, and use drugs.

This research suggests that being cheated on can have some incredibly devastating consequences on mental health.

Why Is It Hard to Stay Committed?

People who are prone to cheating always seek new and exotic things. In fact, they become influenced by lust and desire.

Why Should We Stay Committed?

Not everyone cheats. If you find someone who truly respects you and loves you, you can trust that person and share your memories. That is why it is important to find your true love.

Remember, don’t do the things that you don’t want other people to do to you. In time, beauty fades, and we get old.