20 Signs Our Partner Has Lost Interest in The Relationship

20 Signs Our Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship!

Relationships usually begin with love and passion, but sometimes, things change. Some of the partners may lose interest in their relationship and the person they are with, and then the relationship is coming to an end.

However, there are signs that can help people notice if their partner has lost interest in the relationship. Here are some of the most obvious:

1. Usually Unavailable

Some people do not deserve your time, but in a relationship, time is essential to show your partner that you love and appreciate them. If you notice that your partner has become too busy and unavailable for you, then that means they may have lost interest in you.

You need to know that your relationship is in trouble if your partner prefers to spend time with their friend instead of you.

2. Doubtful

If your partner is not certain about the things they want in the relationship, they are probably certain they do now want you. It is interesting that when you want to break up, they suddenly become interested in you.

But, when you try to put in an effort, they show no interest. You should not let your partner take you for granted, you need to confront them.

Every relationship goes through times of doubt; anyway, if your partner is constantly indecisive, you need to put an end to that relationship.

3. Center of Attention

It is normal for each of us to have our own wishes and desires, but if your partner is always putting their needs in front of yours, they do not care about you.

It indicated that your happiness is meaningless to your partner. When a partner stops caring, you need to finish with them because things will never go back as they once were.

4. Always Blame You

No matter if you or they are wrong or right, they will always put the blame on you. You are not having a healthy relationship if you cannot openly and honestly talk about things.

And, if your partner leaves you in the middle of a conversation without working things out, they do not care about your future.

5. Arrogance

None of us should treat any person like we are less than we are. When your partner begins treating you like you are below them, you should know they do not care about the way you feel.

Having a healthy relationship is when both partners feel safe and secure with each other. If this is the thing that has been missing, you should know that the love is no longer there.

6. Disrespect

When you come to a time in which your partner does not care about the things that bring you happiness, you should know their love for you is gone. Likewise, having no respect for the things you have achieved means they will never treat you right.

7. No Support

If you have a partner that does not support you may be unhealthy. A relationship needs support in order to be healthy and strong. Not enough support means that things are not well.

However, you should know that support does not mean just thinking the same things, but it is something stronger that makes you a better person.

8. They Treat You Like a Foreigner

Being in a long relationship in which your partner does not want you to meet their family and friends means they do not have serious intentions.

This way you begin feeling like a stranger to them, and you go to the bottom of their list of priorities. So, it may mean they are not interested in the relationship you and they have.

9. You Feel Worthless

From time to time, we all need to hear some praise from our beloved ones. If your partner does not tell you how proud they are of you and your achievements and they want to fight, it indicates that they do not care about your relationship.

10. Meaningless Apologies

Even if your partner says sorry, but does the same thing repeatedly, their ‘sorry’ means nothing.  When you are with a partner like that, you may lose every desire to fight for your relationship.

11. They Want to Change You

A person that loves you truly, will accept you as you are without even thinking of changing you. Nonetheless, if your partner tries to change everything about you, they do not love you.

12. Making Love With No Love

When your partner only wants to be intimate with you, and they do not care about your feelings, they do not love you. Physical intimacy is always the way to express your love towards someone, there is something more.

13. Infidelity

When you love someone truly you will never cheat on them. Infidelity means you neither love nor respect your partner, and your relationship means nothing. If your partner cheats on you, you should not be with them anymore. A broken trust can never be the same.

14. No Protection

Your partner should protect you, but that does not mean they should jump from a roof for you. Anyway, your partner should remind you of your worth, and they need to try to make you feel better when you are sad.

A person that truly loves you will never abandon you especially not when life becomes difficult.

15. Do Not Care to Remember What You Say

When someone is important to you, you listen to what they have to say. When you do not care for someone, you listen without understanding what they say. A sign that your partner has lost interest in you is when they cannot remember anything you have ever said.

16. You Cry Often

We all cry when we are hurt. If you cry frequently because your partner has hurt you, your relationship is far from healthy. Every person needs to take responsibility for their actions and words. If they do not care how you feel, you need to break up the relationship.

17. They Make Plans By Themselves

Making plans without paying attention to your wishes and thoughts, indicates that your partner does not like spending time with you. Not being with them while they are enjoying, why be with them when they are not doing well.

If they are unable to agree with you about the movies you watch, the dinner you will have, etc., they do not care about the things that make you feel happy.

18. They Do Not Want to Commit

If you feel like your relationship is more difficult than earlier, it does not mean it is your fault. Having commitment issues is not related to you. If you begin feeling like you do not know them anymore, your relationship may be near an end.

And, remember your intuition almost never lies to you. If you feel like there is something wrong, probably there is.

19. Constant Fights

When you come to a point in which you and your partner cannot talk about anything without them turning it into a fight, it means something is wrong.

A healthy relationship requires an ability to talk about problems to find solutions, and not create even bigger ones.

20. No More Passion

If your partner shows no more passion and desire to be with you in an intimate way, it means your relationship is not as good as at the beginning. A strong relationship needs to have passion, and when things fade away, both partners need to put some effort to revive the passion.

Some relationship issues may have a solution, but some just indicate on end. And, sometimes it is better to break up than be unhappy with someone.