Do Not Leave Your Dog Outside In The Cold, A New Law Says It Is Illegal

It was about time for dogs to be protected in a way they deserve it. In Pennsylvania, House Bill 1238 was signed a law which is more popular as Libre’s law. This law says that people who leave their dogs in the cold are committing a felony.

According to the law, people cannot leave dogs outside when the temperature is under 32 degrees F, or more than 90 degrees F for more than half an hour. Those who will break this law can be charged with seven years of prison and 15,000 dollars fine.

Law sees leaving dogs in the cold for a long time as an abuse. So, if someone sees animals that are being mistreated, they need to call 911. We hope that this law will take effect.

Dogs deserve to be treated in a good way, so do not let them freeze outside. Do not do things that are not legal.

Note: In the video, Officer Tobin makes a mistake by saying 20 instead of 30 minutes.

Source: Pay My Gosh

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