Why We Should Never Settle for Mediocre Love

Why We Should Never Settle for Mediocre Love

We all want to be loved and happy. It is something that we all desire no matter what. But that doesn’t mean that we need to settle for less than we deserve. Remember, never, under no circumstances, we should force a love that isn’t right for us.

What should we do? We should wait for the right one. And we might miss the right one if we spend time with the wrong one.

The thing is, you need to wait for the one that will nourish your soul, suit you well, warm your heart and do anything just to have you. Remember that never, under no circumstances you should settle until you find the one that understands you completely.

Find someone that will understand your anxieties and will be there for you. Someone who knows when you are having a hard time and can help you by hugging you tighter.

Wait for that someone who will give you their full attention. The person that will make you feel wanted and special. The person that will value what you have to say, value your opinions and words, and in that way make you feel important.

Wait for that someone who will make your life better just by being there. That person will make you feel as you are the only person on the planet.

That person will have only eyes for you and no one else. Wait until you find the person that makes love feel easy and as something completely natural.

Wait for that specific love that feels safe. Yes, you should wait until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable and feels like home to you.

That person cares only about your happiness and will do everything just to make you smile.

The one that will fight with you, but will never leave. Because that person is completely aware of what matters, and that is you.

The one that will try to solve things because you shouldn’t be mad at each other. They love you, and they want the relationship to work. They want you now and forever, they see the future, and you are there.

Never, under no circumstances settle for mediocre love. Just, wait for the big deal wait for the special one, and the consistent love. Wait for the one who will never make you second-guess about where you are in the relationship.

Wait for the person that makes you feel as love is effortless and natural. Wait until you get the love that nourishes and fulfills you. The love that makes you a better friend, partner, brother, sister, and person.

Wait for the one who accepts you completely, who meets your standards, you don’t want you to change, who is completely aware of your imperfections and flaws, but still loves you because is aware of all your virtues.

That special one who loves your heart, and who will never let you go no matter what. The one that will always show you on a daily basis just how wonderful love can be with the right person.

The one that will want to see you happy. The special one who knows that there is no perfect relationship but still chooses you and your relationship.

That special one who will fear to lose you, who will never take you for granted. The one that respects you trusts you and genuinely loves you.

That special one is out there, waiting and looking for you. Don’t settle for less. How will you know? You will know when you will see this special person. You will simply do. And oh, then all the beauty starts.