Why We Should Never Force Relationships and Love

Why You Should Never Force Relationships and Love

When it comes to life, we are unprepared for all the things which happen to us.  Things simply happen, some of them can fall apart, but we must keep going on. That is something we must always do – not give up.

We always find the strength to move on even though we don’t know what will happen next or what might go wrong.

The future for everyone is a blank slate. Anything can happen. Saying this out loud can be both scary and comforting at the same time.

So what do most people hope for? Most people hope for good things to happen, one of those is love. Yes, most people expect to love. The fact is that as human beings we are simply wired for love.

It is part of human nature to love and be loved in return. Some people spend their entire life seeking that perfect love.

Some will find love early while others later in life. Usually, those people who haven’t found love after some time, begin to compare themselves to family, friends, and random people who have found it.

In time, it is inevitable to become sad, bitter, and cynical. Are you one of those people? Probably you begin to wonder why it hasn’t happened to you and you start to worry that maybe, just maybe it won’t happen ever.

And probably you have already convinced yourself that you are unlovable, unwanted, and broken. Do you make lists in your head of why you are single?

In those nights, when you are with people but still alone when you are alone in bed when you feel lonely at the family dinner, you return to those silly reasons, and everything breaks inside, right?

Does this seem like a vicious cycle? Well, it is about time you break it. Yes, maybe we don’t know what life has in store for us, yes maybe we are blindsided continuously, surprised, and caught off guard.

Why are we talking about this? Because if most of the things in life we do not see coming why do we expect to see love coming?

Love will come into your life when you least expect it. Some people call this fate, saying that what is meant to be shall be. On the other hand, some people call it destiny, the workings of God, or the universe.

Others, call it serendipity, which is finding something amazing when you were not looking for that thing. Regardless of the forces that are behind love, you must believe that love is out there. If you want to have it, first you must believe in it.

Understand that no matter how hard you try, you cannot plan for love. Love is not science; it is not a formula. We look for a reason why it hasn’t happened before. But the truth is that we are exactly right where we should be.

What do you need to do to find love? Nothing, just let it be.

Do not force relationships, do not chase people. Don’t pressure yourself to find someone because you are running out of time.

And what happens when you pressure yourself? You end up swiping through dating applications since you believe that you will end up alone.

Don’t do it. Just live your life, and you will see that love will follow. Give love time, stop looking for love, and it will find you.

True love in life comes when you are open and ready for it. Remember, let it be! And never stop believing in love no matter what!