How Narcissists See Themselves – Inside Their Mind

How Narcissists See Themselves - Inside Their Mind

Narcissists according to the psychiatric literature are defined as people with possessing traits like needing excessive admiration and having a sense of entitlement. However, how narcissists are really like on a daily basis?

We are here to help people get inside the mind of a narcissist.

Anyone who has worked for a narcissist or has lived with one will tell you that they see themselves differently, that is preferentially, in comparison to others, making people around them feel less valued.

And people will agree on one thing; everything has to be about them. You should know that narcissists victimize people around them for being who they are, and narcissists can never change. You might think that this is an extreme statement, but it’s true.

Those who have experienced narcissists on their own skin can tell just how toxic and unhealthy the relationship with such a person can be. If you work for a narcissistic boss, there is a high chance they will make you psychologically or physically ill.

If you live with a narcissist, it might be even worse. Those people who have been victimized by narcissists will tell you that narcissists see themselves as special and that no other individual on this world matters as much as they do.

Over some time, this behavior leads to suffering to those around them.

Different Ways Narcissists See Themselves – Inside Their Minds

#1 I love myself the most, and everyone else does, I do not know people who don’t love me.

#2 I never have the need to apologize. Everyone must accept me and tolerate me regardless of what I do or say.

#3 The truth is that I do not have equals in this world. I am the best friend, manager, student, lover, etc.

#4 People do not measure up; they need me to lead, that is what they want. Otherwise, they won’t make it.

#5 I truly hope people appreciate everything that I am and everything I have done for them because I am flawless, wonderful and faultless.

#6 You will never be equal to me. I will make sure to remind of that that I am, and I will stay the smartest one in the room and in general and how well I am as a businessman, parent, lover, student, etc. For that, you must be grateful.

#7 People should be loyal to me, regardless of how I treat them or what I do, but they shouldn’t expect the same from me, I do whatever I want.

#8 I will openly criticize you, and you should accept it, but if you do it, I will definitely come at you with rage.

#9 I never forgive or forget, I will pay you back when you least expect it.

#10 I do not consider myself a manipulator, I just want things to be done my way, regardless of how much it inconveniences other people or the way it makes them feel. I do not care how you feel; I do not have time for that.

#11 I hang around only with the best people and most of your friends do not really measure up.

#12 If people did things my way, it would be so much better.

How to deal with such an individual? Well, there is one way, and that is to distance yourself from the narcissist. You should do it as soon as you identify that you have a narcissist in your life.

The sooner you identify them for who they truly are, the better for you. Your psychic wounds will heal, and you will see that your dignity will restore and your life will improve.

It might be painful and hard to distance yourself, but this is what you must do for your own well being, if not you will go crazy around such an individual.