How Narcissists Manipulate People Into Doing What They Want

This Is How Narcissists Manipulate People Into Doing What They Want

Who has been in a relationship with someone who only loves themselves? Who has had to be the one who would carry a conversation and try to socialize while their partner only listens to themselves?

Well, that partner is called a narcissist. Such a person may look fun, charismatic, compassionate, generous, and good at many things but in reality, they are completely the opposite.

People like this never show their true colors, unless they want you to see them. Instead, they will manipulate you and take complete control over your life. In other words, they are people who will destroy you emotionally.

The True Colors of a Narcissist

A true narcissist only loves himself. They are the one-way-listeners or people who can only hear themselves. They are the people who dismiss, minimize, and negate your concerns, critiques, and comments.

They always comment with ‘But’ to try and negate everything you said. Plus, they will delete all of your opinions and viewpoints and force their ideas instead of your own. In their mind, they are the most superior, smartest, and most interesting people on earth.

Every single conversation revolves around them, and they are the ones who always lead the way. In their mind, they are above others, above the law and rules. So, they choose to own their opinion and don’t care how they hurt other people in the process.

Besides, in their head, they have done nothing wrong.

How Does It Affect You?

It is obvious. A narcissist lacks empathy. They are self-centered, manipulative, and selfish people. To them, you are just a pawn in a much bigger game. You exist to satisfy their goals and accomplishments. Here are the tricks a narcissist will use to make you obey them.

1. They Make You Compete For Their Recognition

A narcissist knows how to deal with emotions, so they decide to play with yours. They will do everything in their power to undermine, manipulate and control you so that you will start questioning your worth.

2. They Are Never Wrong And You Are The Problem

Whatever you do or don’t do, they will blame you for it. Such people will never accept responsibility for their rude behavior, bad mood, or terrible words. No matter what happens, it will always be your fault.

3. They Will Make You Question Yourself

A narcissist will use well-planned words to make you doubt yourself. This way you will not even notice that you are under their control.

4. They Will Do The Same Things To Other Partners

Even after you leave that toxic relationship, your partner will never stop. They will find a new victim to abuse.

5. They Will Change Phases

One moment they are idealizing you and the next they are discarding every effort you put in. All they want is full undivided attention and to gain your love so that you will shower them with flattery and admiration.

The next day they will degrade you and insult you in front of others. If you believe your partner is a narcissist, we recommend that you leave this relationship before they take complete control over your entire life.

After all, your life is all about you and who you want to be. Don’t let others dictate your life.