How to Know That We are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

Although many people neglect it, the truth is that mental and emotional exhausting might have devastating effects on a person’s overall health and life. There are a couple of warning signs which say that it’s time to have a break.

We need to know these signs in order to recognize our mental exhaustion and those around us. People have bills and responsibilities, errands, and also deadlines.

While this is something which we must do, it is the same thing that might take a toll on your stress level. Due to this, our mental and emotional states are affected.

Moreover, when most people are under stress, they neglect their basic needs. Lack of sleep and poor diet actually leads to unstable emotions and brain fog.

The truth is that unmanageable stress impacts people in various ways. However, you should watch out for the signs. Signs such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating, always feeling irritated or feeling emotional and upset, and finding yourself crying.

As a matter of fact, severe stress might impact your blood pressure as well. How to know you are mentally and emotionally exhausted? You need to know the signs. Read on to find out more about the signs.

8 Signs You’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

#1 Apathy

Do you know what apathy means? It means a lack of feeling. It is being numb when it comes to your emotional capacity. Apathy occurs when you lose the necessary hope that personal fulfillment and happiness are possible.

Perhaps you feel worn down by the daily routines, and you feel as if you have nothing to look forward to. Maybe you went through some form of rejection, or perhaps you failed to reach a crucial goal for yourself.

No matter what brought you to this state and this situation, you should know that you can reverse it and get your life back. It is important to get yourself unstuck from the kind of thinking which led you there in the first place.

#2 Confusion

You should know that it is time to reevaluate your mental and emotional well-being when you see that all the small things suddenly seem huge to you.

If you forget about work assignments, names, or your age, see this as a huge sign that you are under big mental strain.

This is a sign from your brain that you need a big, big break. It might be because too much is going on and your body just cannot handle the whole stress.

#3 Irritation

If you start to get easily irritated, you should see it as a sign of emotional and mental exhaustion. You might get irritated about what someone said, about your dog, or insignificant situations like that.

The first signs of mental exhaustion are an upset stomach, headaches, and tiredness. When you notice these signs, you should take some time out and relax.

#4 You Are Always Late

All the time, somehow, you run out of time and you are late. No matter how much you try, you cannot seem to find time for yourself. If you feel as if you try and nothing works, stop.

Take a break. Don’t worry about anything, get a massage, go to a spa, and do whatever relaxes you in order to pamper yourself. If you like shopping, then you should go on shopping, buy what you planned and spoil yourself.

We spend all the time pleasing other people, and we seem to forget to spoil ourselves from time to time.

#5 You Have No Motivation

If you always feel low and if something terrible is about to happen, then you should take this as a sign of emotional and mental exhaustion.

You might have lost hope and faith in all the good. Yes, life might be difficult, but you must remember that after every storm there is a rainbow.

Everything happens for a reason; you need to stick up and try to search for the positive things in life. Remember to rest in order to gain energy.

#6 Fatigue

There is a big difference between feeling like you aren’t tired and being tired. The small things might seem heavy to carry, and getting out of bed can seem like a chore.

This can easily occur because most people now live at a fast pace, and we don’t know just to relax and give ourselves time to recharge. We forget that the essential thing in this world is our health, both our physical and emotional health.

Remember that making time for yourself is crucial. Do what relaxes you and makes you happy, no matter if it is spending time with your family, going out, or just staying home watching movies.

Just do what you like and don’t watch the time, just let go.

#7 Anxiety

If you are mentally and emotionally exhausted, a knock on the door, a phone call, having to do something, the possibility that someone may ask you for some favor, all of these things above mentioned might lead to anxiety.

In case you feel that you are anxious, and your heart beats fast, stop, breathe and remember that you have come this far. You can do it, don’t focus on the distance, focus on where you are and where you have started.

You can do it, no matter what you are stronger than your anxiety, you are stronger than all the obstacles.

#8 Crying

Do you cry yourself at night? If this happens from time to time, you should know that this is absolutely normal. Crying is seen as a healthy way to deal with your emotions.

But, unfortunately, most people are raised in order to keep their own emotions locked and raised not to cry.

This is seen as a lack of emotional understanding that later in life leads to adults that cannot express their feelings in a healthy and normal way.

Therefore, what occurs when an individual reaches that point in life where there is an unbearable level of stress and then an emotional breakdown? They cry.

Also, due to the feelings that are related to crying, feeling such as shame, anger, and guilt, the stress only raises and this becomes a vicious cycle. In order to deal with this healthily, you need to do one thing, and that is to allow yourself to cry when you want to.

Let go of what got you to this point in life. Face your emotions and deal with them.


In case you can relate to some of the signs above mentioned, you should know that it is time for a break from everyday life.

Consult your family, friends, or partner about this and schedule an appointment with your doctor. He can advise you or recommend a professional about this issue.

It is important not to ignore the fact that you are emotionally and mentally exhausted. This is a completely normal thing that can occur to everyone.