For All the Men Who’ve Lost Their ‘Once-In-a-Lifetime’ Woman

For All the Men Who've Lost Their 'Once-In-a-Lifetime' Woman

How could he lose the woman that loved him unconditionally? The one that was willing to do anything for him and his happiness. He knew she was a once-in-a-lifetime woman, but he allowed himself to lose her.

He knows she needed only one reason to stay, yet he didn’t give her. She only wanted to feel loved and wanted the way she loved and cared about him. She wanted to be special for him, just like he was to her.

Men, you know how important you were for her!

She didn’t care about your flaws and past failures. She only saw the good in you, because she believed in you. She wanted to be your support when you most need it.

She was there for you when times got rough. She wanted to lift you up and make you happy and proud of her. This woman wanted to love you forever, but to also feel the same love from you. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with you.

She wanted to see you happy, and she would do anything to see you smile.

But, you didn’t treat her right. She never asked for too much – all she wanted was love and respect. She never forced you to change or give her something you can’t give.

Everything she always wanted from you was to love her. She wanted to feel she was your best choice, your priority.

She wanted to feel understood by you, and to feel she could always count on you. She wanted you to care about her feelings. She wanted to feel safe and secure with you.

But, you didn’t give her anything and didn’t even try to make her stay. All you had to do is to show her that you care about her; that she is an important person in your life.

Was that too much for you? Don’t you think she deserved all that and much more?

This woman loved you like no one else. She was kind, respectful, and compassionate. Her goal was to make you happy and satisfied.

How could you not realize that she is a diamond in the rough? She is a rare bird that only a few people are lucky to find it. Yet, you failed to recognize her importance and beauty.

She is a once-in-a-lifetime woman and you lost her. You let her go without making an effort to change her mind.  You never made her feel she was your priority, but only one of your options.

At the same time, you know you were her greatest love, priority, hope, and best choice. But, you thought there’s someone better waiting for you, so you kept looking around for other possibilities.

She was good enough for you only when she made you feel attractive, smart, and important – only when she boosted your ego.

You failed to see that the best thing in your life was right next to you. You didn’t respect her and her fight for you. She was trying to make you happy in every way possible, yet you didn’t value her effort.

You didn’t give this wonderful woman anything in return, yet you expected her to give you everything. You’ve made a mistake for taking her for granted. You were wrong to think that she will stay by your side forever no matter what you do or say.

This once-in-a-lifetime woman got tired of fighting for the man who didn’t deserve her love and attention. The man who had given up on her a long time ago. The man who didn’t respect her.

She didn’t have the strength to endure your indifference and heal her wounds anymore. You were the most important person in her life, but you destroyed her. You made her go even though she wanted to stay.

One moment you were warm and loving, but the next one you were cold and cruel.

You even made her think if she was sane and if that was only in her head. How could you made her question her own logic? Did she deserve that?

You never made her feel happy, loved, and cherished. You only made her fragile, insecure, and sad.

Well, congratulations! You lost the woman that was your best friend, your biggest support! You lost the person that loved you the most. The woman that any other man could only dream about. You lost an irreplaceable person – your missing half.

You did that when you blamed her for every problem. When you showed her you didn’t care about her happiness. When you didn’t give her the attention, she deserved and made her feel guilty about everything that was happening to her.

You lost her when you started treating her like a ghost!

However, you did make something good for her, and that was letting her go. She can now finally be with someone who will treat her the way she deserves. Someone who will cherish her every day, not after losing her.