Men, If She’s The One – Don’t Destroy Her

Do Not Hurt Her if You Truly Love Her

She’s the one right?  However, most women forget, that men are just humans with changeable emotions. Men may be prone to love her in a bad way. Treating her badly may result in a destructive relationship.

Having a happy and healthy relationship is a dream for every person, but that can become a nightmare. Anyway, it is important to try to love her in a good and proper way. It is important to know that a strong relationship needs awareness.

Always remember her appearance the moment you first saw her. She was a fulfillment of your dreams. She possesses something you have never found before, and it may be her beauty, her humor, her wilderness, or her freedom.

You were amazed mostly by her integrity. If she is the one you truly love, you need to keep her as she is, pretty, wild, amazing, and complete. Even though she is the one responsible for her faith, you need to know that you are a great part of her life.

Your way of treating her is important because it determines the way she is going to see herself. So, whether she feels happy or sad and lost, it is up to you. She is like a trophy between your hands, and she hopes you to hold her with extreme care.

Loving her truly means that you should not destroy her. If she was hurt and destroyed before, be sure that she does not need to go through the same again.

Being hurt means she was once afraid, and now when she has decided to be with you, means she has overcome that fear. Her decision was to give love one more chance by being with you. She decided to trust you.

Do not disappoint her. When it comes the time you just think you know her well, you devastate her. She is not some book that will end, but real. You have every day to find out more about her.

Being emotionally absent ruins her. Be there. Anyway, it does not mean that you should just sit there with her for days, and be absent with your thoughts. Even when you are far away from her, you can be present.

Make her feel excited. Stimulate her emotions. Provoke her thoughts. Get into her soul. You should want her because only needing her will hurt her. She will feel crashed if are in love with her just when you feel alone.

You need to love her always; she needs your affection for ever, not just when you feel like it. Even though you may have been hurt in the past, you are not supposed to love her only because you need someone to help you with your luggage.

Do not love her only to make her heal you. Although, she will fix you in time, and you may even not know it. Her love, her presence will fix everything inside you.

However, if you use her only not to be alone, she will feel that, and she will feel disappointed. It is good to remember that she may not want you to heal her. Maybe she has told you about her past and pain.

You may know in how many pieces she was broken into. Anyway, it does not mean that she expects you to fix her. She may have told you that to know who she is.

She desires you to be aware that what you do for her inspired by love, patience, and understanding is what is important to her. Never treat her like someone who is broken. She is now complete besides her pieces all over.

You need to accept her with all her pieces and do not add more. Being there for her, with her, will make her see why she has endured so much suffering. She suffered a lot only to learn how to appreciate the good things she has with you.

To truly love her means loving her with all her imperfections and self-doubt. Since nobody is perfect, neither are you both. So, she really wants you to share your imperfections together.

She desires to be able to show her true self in front of you and feels good about that. How she feels when she is alone is the same way how she wants to feel when she is with you. But, are you ready to accept her the way she is?

If you are not, you will ruin her. If you truly love her, help her be a better person. She is going to do the same for you. If you do one thing for her, she will do double for you. Show her the moon, and she will show you the galaxy.

If you show her a well, she will show the ocean. Treating her right will make her love you more. Loving her right will make her never forget about you.

The famous Diego Rivera once said “If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait.”