Men, Don’t Lose The Woman Who Prefers Love and Attention Over Materialistic Things

Men, Don't Lose The Woman Who Prefers Love and Attention Over Materialistic Things

She is the type of woman who prefers to be broke and happy, rather than rich and sad. The one who will refuse to possess the biggest treasure just to have the man she loves by her side. The one who will see him as the most valuable thing in life.

He could buy her the most expensive jewelry, take her to the most luxurious suits, and give her a mansion, but nothing will make sense if he is not there.

Men, you can give the world at her feet, but if you don’t give her your love, it’ll mean nothing. She wants your love, respect, commitment, and affection, not your money or social status.

You know she is the type of woman who will be happy to have you by her side to hug you and kiss you, even when you’re broke.

The one who will stick by your side when everyone turns up against you. The one who will support you and hold your hand while you are getting through hard times.

You can’t put a price tag on her love. This woman wants your love and wants to be your one and only.

She is simply not like many other women who need material items and high social status to feel happy and satisfied in life. She only wants you by her side, as well as your love and respect! She’ll be happy even when you have just a bed to share and a roof over your heads.

You can buy her a thousand roses, expensive dresses, perfumes, and all the latest gadgets, but if you don’t love her, nothing will matter. You know you won’t make her happy if you buy her a gift or take her to a fancy restaurant and not give her your attention, affection, and love.

She is the type of woman who is the happiest when you give her a hand-picked flower from your garden, or when you eat pizza while watching your favorite TV show together.

She is one in a million to understand that money can’t buy happiness! They come and go, just as easy as that. All these gifts are great, and she will enjoy them only if she knows you love her.

This woman knows that the richest person is the one who needs the least! She has always put love, respect, and happiness before everything else in life. For her, material items won’t cover up for the things she misses in your relationship. They won’t compensate for your absence!

You know you’ll see the purest smile when you hug her and say a few honest words about your love for her. She is happiest when you spend quality time together even if that’s home or in the park near your house.

She wants to talk to you and find out how your day was, and what are your concerns and dreams, and plans. She is interested in your interests, and she doesn’t mind if you share them while sitting on a bench in the park, or while getting the VIP treatment in a fancy restaurant.

She only wants to talk to you, and feel close to you. She needs you to listen to her more than she needs to drink the finest wine.

She could imagine any life, but not the one without you! Therefore, make sure you never let go of this woman! She is a keeper!