10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

This Is Why Most Men Can't Deal with Strong Women

People can easily recognize a strong woman by her selflessness, sacrifices, and struggles.

That type of woman has allowed being led by forgiveness, has endured pain, and has also overcome heart-wrenching experiences. Such a woman is loving, self-sufficient, and independent at the same time. She is not afraid to be strong, but also vulnerable.

So, why is it difficult for men to be with such a type of woman? Read on to find out.

10 Reasons Why Most Men Find This Woman “Hard to Handle”

1. She Is Not Intimidated by Intimacy

This type of woman will challenge you in many different intimate ways. She will need to have intimacy in all forms, and she will require it starting from the conversation all the way to making love.

Be prepared that this type speaks her mind. A strong woman is comfortable with herself and her femininity. Therefore she expects her partner to be open to different forms of intimacy as well. She needs to feel desire, passion and to feel like she is your no.1 priority.

2. She Requires Consistency and Integrity

This type of woman cannot tolerate indecisive personalities or irregularities. Usually, they seek a partner who is a man of word, has respect and integrity. If they see that they are being played, they will leave.

They want unconditional love, and they won’t settle for anything less. The worst thing to do to this type of woman is to make her feel weak.

3. She Will Not Wait for You

A strong woman is able to follow you to hell if she is aware that you are committed entirely to her. But, the moment you begin to pull back, she will leave you.

She doesn’t want to be an option, meaning that she won’t wait for a man to make a decision whether he is into her or not. They don’t play games, you’re either in, or you’re out.

4. This Type of Woman Requires Vulnerability and Honesty

Usually strong women dive into the depth of life-changing experiences, hurt, and traumas. This is opposite to most men who have difficulties opening up to specific questions.

This type of woman needs a partner who is vulnerable and honest at the same time. They don’t fear the past, and they usually search for things that make them human.

A strong woman needs a strong man. A strong man is one who can be vulnerable. Most men usually see this as a weakness.

5. She Knows What She Wants

A strong woman knows what she wants and knows what she needs to go through in order to get it.

In case she is interested in a man, she will make the first step and go after him. This type of woman doesn’t follow the “rule” that a man needs to make the first step.

This type of personality might be intimidating and too much for some men. Strong women are not submissive; they can go through life with or without a man. Only a self-confident man might allow this type of woman to be in charge.

6. She Will Help You See Your True Colors

A strong woman will usually point out all your strong points. She will show you just how powerful and amazing you truly are.

She will point out your confidence, acceptance, and worth. And indeed she will always get your back and stand by you. But most men cannot handle the entire chaos of emotions that comes up with this kind of projection.

7. Strong Women Are Human Lie Detectors

When it comes to a relationship, these women expect complete trust and honesty. It’s a bad idea to sugarcoat a white lie since strong women can see right through your lies.

Remember, if you want to be in a relationship with this type of woman you shouldn’t hold back. This type of woman has zero-tolerance for selfishness and falseness.

8. This Type of Woman Doesn’t Want You to Fight for Her

A man needs to know that he is fighting for the admiration and love of his partner, he needs to feel wanted.

A strong woman will show you her love, but at the same time, she will show you that she is independent and capable on her own.

She can battle for both of you, and she won’t need you to fight her battles. If this type of woman has a problem, she will deal with it on her own.

She doesn’t expect, since you are the man, to solve her problem. She doesn’t play the victim. This is hard for some men. In case you choose to stay with this kind of woman, you need to walk beside her and not in front.

Equality is what you get from a relationship with a strong woman.

9. She Is Intense

You should know that this type of woman has endured extraordinary obstacles and challenges in her life. In certain situations, she had to be extremely powerful. Therefore she is used to facing anything in her path.

This might be difficult and intimidating for you to understand. You might find it intimidating due to all thoughts and emotions that this person can cause in you. She can share her scars, but you should do the same if you want to win her over.

10. She Will Love You Unconditionally

There is no love similar to the one of a strong woman. The same as mothers with their kids, the strong woman is able to love and nurture her man fiercely.

If she feels the love in return, she will undoubtedly do anything possible to make her man happy and loved. A strong woman helps and supports her partner, and she indeed will fight for you to get what you deserve.

This for some men is too much. Usually, they are intimidated by the depth and intensity of giving. Usually, this is when men flee from this type of woman. But you should know that she will leave you if you do that since a strong woman always knows her worth.

She has no time for games; she is ready for the real deal.

In conclusion, if you can handle the conversations, intensity, honesty, and love you might just be the strong man this extraordinary woman needs. Are you the one?