Marriage is in Our Hands, We Choose if It’s Going to Be Fun or Boring

Marriage Is In Our Hands, We Choose If It’s Going To Be Fun Or Boring

Today, we live in a world where true love is such a rare thing. More and more people are against monogamy, and they decide to be with many people at once. Like it or not, that is how it is, although there are many that would disagree.

True love is between two people who love and respect each other. When love is real, there is no need for a third or fourth person. However, everybody has a choice to do whatever they want.

We offer you a collection of some of the best relationship quotes followed by an explanation of the real meaning of love. This is how your love life should be.

1. Lovers and Best Friends

When you fall in love, you just know the feeling. No one can feel real love if they try to pretend and be something they are not. Love happens spontaneously, and randomly, and it is fun. There is no point in love if there is no fun.

Can you imagine having a partner with whom you cannot laugh? Being in a real relationship means you are best friends as well as lovers with your partner, and that is the best type of relationship you want to be in.

2. No Perfection

The sad news for those who believe in perfection, it does not exist. We all have flaws, but they make us special and human. Flaws make us who we are. Being with someone who adores your flaws is real love. You should not be with someone who wants to change you.

3. For Better or for Worse

When you need them the most, when you feel lonely and hurt, you need your partner. You do not need someone who will be there for you only when you are happy. Life is about ups and downs.

We suffer, and we are happy. We need our partners by our side for better or for worse. Real love is when you love them the most in any situation, not just when there are roses and butterflies.

4. Appreciation

There is no human being that does not like appreciation, attention, and cherishing. We all need to hear something like “you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

We all need to be told that we are something that makes them happy and fulfilled. Showing love and affection to each other is what makes a couple happy.

5. Love is Like a Baby

No one can stop loving someone just like that. But, love is like a baby, it needs attention, and it needs to be nurtured and taken care of in order to grow into something beautiful.

We all have our limits. Who would like to be deceived all the time? Of course, the answer is no one. Anyway, we learn from our mistakes and choices.

6. Meaning

No matter how long your relationship is, you need to show how much you mean to each other. It is a nice feeling when you know that your love was thinking of you, and when they miss you when you are not around.

7. Never Give Up on Love

Mistakes are part of our lives, and we should see them as lessons. When we are hurt in one relationship, we should not lose hope. There is love in this world; it is just around the corner, so make sure not to give up.

8. Marriage is Not Boring

Many people say that marriage is just boring. But, have you thought that maybe we are the ones responsible for it? Well, marriage is not something that works in itself.

We are the one that makes the marriage; it is our choice whether it is going to be fun or boring. You should never stop dating your partner. Never stop dressing up, and never forget about your partner.

You should not act just like you have been together since yesterday. As we mentioned, love needs to be taken care of.

9. Love Needs Friendship

Having a best friend for a partner is the best relationship you can be in. They are the ones in front of which we can be our true selves without secrets. The best marriage is the one with your lover and best friend.

10. One is Enough

True love requires just two people. You do not need every possible man or woman to stare at you. You do not need to be with many people all at once. All you need is that one person to love you and be there for you always and forever.

As you can see, through these quotes love is expressed in the most beautiful way. Those who were confused are now aware of what a happy and healthy relationship should be like.

Of course, there are disagreements and fights; it is never everything pink. Nonetheless, when you are with the right person, you are capable of overcoming every obstacle that stands in your way.