A Man Who Truly Loves Her Won’t Stop Pursuing Her – It’s That Simple

A Man Who Truly Loves Her Won't Stop Pursuing Her - It's That Simple

When it comes to dating and relationships, there are a lot of myths and rules that we need to discuss. Today we are going to talk about the pursuit. What happens when a man doesn’t pursue a woman strong enough and as she wants?

What are the reasons behind that? Well, it turns out there is one genuine and ultimate reason. The truth is that he is not that into her.

Well, women, this is something that is unpleasant to hear. But it can set you free. Just imagine how many hours and days of wondering you have saved just by knowing this.

No, he is not shy, and no you don’t intimidate him. The truth is that if a man wants you, no distance will be an obstacle. However, on the other hand, if he is just not that into you, you can live down the street, and still, that will be too far for him.

Most men desire to be the one that is the initiator when it comes to relationships. They want to seize the challenge. Most men love the pursuit when they see what they desire, their first instinct is to go after it.

So, if a certain man special to you doesn’t pursue you, you should know that he doesn’t love you. The truth is that men might make many excuses for why they don’t pursue a woman.

They will find many reasons and excuses to go around and simply lie instead of telling the truth that they aren’t interested.

A man might say that he is too busy, he is staying long hours at work, he has a lot of things going on. He will say just about anything not to pay the attention he needs to. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Yes, he might have a mesmerizing smile, and he might be charming and nice to you. He might take you on a couple of dates, and open the door for you. Things might go great; you might laugh, truly connect and have the best date ever.

But then, he is suddenly gone? Does he send you confusing messages which mislead you? Do you wonder if you made something for him to lose interest or if you did something wrong?

Well, we have something to say– stop doing that, stop chasing him. He doesn’t deserve your time, thoughts, and affection.

When you start to doubt yourself if you are enough for him, is the time when you need to stop talking to him, thinking of him, and staying in touch with him.

Don’t let him play with your feelings, mind, or body. Be secure and confident enough with yourself, to know he is terrible for you. Know your self-worth, to know you deserve someone who wants you as bad as you want him.

Yes, the thought of letting a man pursue you may be uncommon but see it this way: – A man will show you who he really is, by the way, he decided to pursue and date you.

The way he tries to impress you, how he communicates with you, and the way he tries to get involved with you.

The right one and a real man will pursue every day even if you are his significant other. He will motivate you to be the best version of yourself and will accept your all vulnerabilities and flaws.

He won’t use them against you at times when he is frustrated and angry; he will respect you. The right man will help you make your dreams come true because he wants you to be successful and happy.

He won’t play with your feelings. He will always make time for you no matter what. A real man who wants you will show that he cares, he won’t have you confused or questioning. You will be his priority.

Remember, that you deserve the love that is real, strong, and pure. You deserve to be wanted, loved, and pursued. You are not just someone to hang out with; you are the one. Only the right one and a real man can see that.

Yes, being alone might be difficult from time to time, but it is harder to be with someone who is not interested.

Love yourself, respect yourself, and value yourself. That is the only way another person will love you as well. Don’t let your heart fully until you are certain that a man is genuinely and truly interested in you.

You deserve the best. So never settle for anything less.