Every Man Who Doesn’t Appreciate His Woman Regrets It When Someone Else Does

Every Man Who Doesn't Appreciate His Woman Regrets It When Someone Else Does

It’s about time men open their eyes and see what they have in their life. The other day, he didn’t notice that she spend a little longer getting ready for that date. She was hoping he would notice, but he did not.

Men, why don’t you just admit that you didn’t say “thank you” when she spends the whole day in stores looking for your favorite t-shirt and the right size?  You didn’t notice it, but she was disappointed when you canceled your weekend together again.

You didn’t see it, but she was disappointed when after a long paragraph text you only replied with “OK.” Yes, you didn’t notice, but she cried herself to sleep the other night because no matter how much she tries you are never satisfied.

And you know that this woman does not ask much and she accepts you just the way you are, and she is trying her best to make you and keep you happy.  Because she is happy when she is with you, her eyes light up, and she always speaks lovely of you.

You do not see this, because you do not see much at all. You are with her, but you do not understand her value, you do not appreciate all she has to offer, her love and affection.

She does her best never to let you down, while you disappoint her more than you make her happy. She doesn’t ask for any attention, yet all she does is give you hers.

She misses you, and what do you do? You get angry since you believe she is clingy.

When she says “I love you” you only smile and say “I know.” You are the first person she writes to every morning because you are her first thought in the morning. She supports you; she wants to be part of your everyday life.

But you do not see it, and you are comfortable because deep down you believe that she will always be there. But it is time to do some reality check. The truth is that you are not in her future.

Why? Because, my dear, she will get tired of you and your childish manners and games. One day she will become tired of trying so hard all the time.

One day she will not have more love to give, because she will understand that you are not worth it. This won’t be easy for her, it will break her heart, but she will walk away anyway.

And then she will meet someone who will give her everything she ever wanted from you, time, attention, love and respect.

Once you realize what you have lost, you will miss her terribly. Then she won’t hear how beautiful you think she is, because she will feel prettier around her new man. Happy girls are the prettiest, right?

Then she won’t see you typing a paragraph text only to delete it, because you know she won’t reply. She won’t see how you saw something which you know she would love.

She won’t see how lonely you feel as you lay on the bed wishing she was with you. She won’t see how disappointed you are coming home to an empty house.  House which she used to make a home.

She, my dear, won’t see that understanding of how happy and content she made you, it took losing her to see it. Then you will wish you have been nice to her, said “I love you” when you had the chance, but it took you to lose her in order to realize that.

You will miss everything about her, and deep down you will wish you knew what you had. You will wish you never took this amazing woman for granted.

That man she loves unconditionally, it could have been you, but you were too comfortable thinking she will never leave and effort to keep the relationship alive wasn’t necessary.