The Key to Male and Female Communication

Why Don't You Understand - The Secret to Male and Female Communication

”Are we speaking a different language?” Many relationships come to an end because there was no understanding of partners’ needs. Men and women interviewed after a breakup, gave answers such as:

“She did not give me enough (need),” or “He did not care about (need).” Very often, in relationships people are focused on their needs, so they forget about their partners’ needs.

Even though, both men and women need to be noticed, loved, and to have an aim in the relationship. However, the manner in which men and women try to get their needs met is different.

For instance, when a man is having a bad day, he wants his girlfriend to notice that he is not doing fine. The girl can accomplish this only by asking “Are you alright?”

When this happens, the man will talk about his day, and then he only wants to go on as nothing happened. But, most women are more able to verbally and emotionally express themselves than men.

So, when a woman is having a bad day, she would talk about that in detail. Furthermore, there is a difference in expressing love. Men like to express their love through actions, not words.

On the other hand, many women complain they did not get enough expression of love from their boyfriends. However, women should understand that men tend to express their feelings through deeds, not words.

For a relationship to be successful, men and women both should feel equally important. If it happens for one of the partners to feel not needed and underappreciated by the other, there may come disappointment, unhappiness, even cheating.

But, it is important to know that both partners often have special and unique roles in a relationship. And, the best way is for partners to understand and appreciate their unique roles.

Male Guide to Female Communication

1. Be Open-minded

You need to be open-minded in a sense to accept that there is a difference between men and women. In fact, people have distinct ways of communication in both personal and professional fields.

The most important thing is to find shared opinions and interests in every relationship.

2. Let Your Partner Finish Talking

In conversations is often heard “Let me finish!” And, that is exactly what you should do. When you let someone finish what they are trying to say, you are getting a better point of view. Also, you get a better understanding.

So, when you have comprehended what the other person has said, you are able to give an explanation of yourself. Also, active listening to your partner says you truly care and appreciate her.

Even when you are both angry, you need to take good care of your relationship.

3. Women Do Not Jump to Conclusion

Frequently, men think that their partners often just jump to conclusions, but that is not the case. When men are feeling like their partner is jumping to a conclusion, maybe they need to slow down a little bit.

Men should take time to analyze this kind of situation, and if they cannot find out what is going on, they should ask their partner for an explanation.

Here, it is very important to ask in a way you will express willingness to know what is going on, not anger. If it happens for you not to like her explanation, you can explain your opinion in a good way and only after she is done talking.

This way you are both going to get a chance to freely express your own thoughts.

4. Be Honest

Being honest gets you a better understanding of your relationship, and avoids frustration and future issues. Anyway, you should mix honesty with cruelty.

In fact, honesty in relationships means pursuing real, truthful, and respectful communication.

5. Do Not Be Afraid of Touching

Sometimes, touching turns the worst arguments into a calmer discussion. According to Daliso Phiri, holding hands or gentle touching makes a better communication. There are times when a woman only needs to know that you are there for her.

However, you should be careful not to touch her in an aggressive manner, but just place your hands on her shoulders and tell her you are there and you love her. Of course, if she is angry because of you saying that would be foolish.

In fact, it is something intuitive, and you need to choose a suitable time for it.

6. Say “I’m sorry.”

Being able to say “I’m sorry” and mean it, is extremely powerful. But, you should know that saying you are sorry does not mean you are wrong and she is right.

It means that you evaluate your relationship more than your pride. Also, it is important to note that when you apologize for something, you should not do the same thing again.

To sum up, communication between men and women in relationships is difficult and easy at the same time. Both sides need to be heard, understood, needed, and appreciated.

And, being aware of each other’s unique roles in a relationship will get you a great connection.