Learn How to Bake Low Carb, Bulletproof Bread

Learn How to Bake Low Carb, Bulletproof Bread

People who are told to give up gluten often worry if they are supposed to stop eating bread. Who can blame them? It’s delicious, and it was one of the dietary staples for a lot of people growing up.

Gluten (and bread) is related to autoimmune disease, brain fog, weight gain, and gut inflammation in many people. What’s worse, wheat is prone to mycotoxin contamination and mold growth which brings with it more health problems, from hormone imbalance to cancer.

This is the reason why so many people decide to go gluten-free.

The gluten-free diet is quite popular nowadays, which grows the popularity of gluten-free, low carb bread as well. Often, gluten-free bread is similar to the loaf they resemble. They usually contain ingredients derived from potatoes, corn, or soy, and have an equally high glycemic load.

Luckily, you can make your own Bulletproof, keto, low-carb bread at home. It’s nothing but pure fat and protein. This means that it keeps your body in a fat-burning state while producing energy at the same time.

What’s more, its texture and taste are almost the same as the regular bread. So, you can use it in many combinations.

The best part is that it requires only three ingredients.

Bulletproof Bread Recipe for Keto, Low-Carb Bread

The following recipe comes from Veronica Culver and makes one loaf.

3 Ingredients:

  • Grass-fed butter or ghee (for greasing the pan),
  • Half a cup grass-fed Bulletproof Collagen Protein,
  • 6 pastured, separated eggs.


Preheat oven to 325 F. Removes all racks above the middle one because the bread will expand during baking.

Use the grass-fed butter to grease the loaf pan (preferably a ceramic pan). Beat the six egg whites to stiff peaks using a hand mixer on high. Make sure you beat the whites enough – otherwise they’ll collapse when you add the egg yolks and whey.

Then, add the six yolks and the Bulletproof Collagen Protein, and blend gently on low. Blend until the batter is fluffy. Next, pour the batter into the loaf pan and put it in the preheated oven.

After baking for 40 minutes, remove it from the oven and let it cool. Slice and serve once it’s completely cooled.

You can use the leftovers for a few more days if you store them in the fridge.

Tip for Proper Reheating

After heating a skillet to medium-high, add grass-fed butter or ghee and sear slices of bread about half a minute per side, until lightly toasted on each side. Make sure you don’t overheat.

Don’t eat this bread every day as the cooked egg yolks might trigger a little inflammation. Try to control yourself and eat it every few days.

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