Love is More Than Saying the 3 Words, Love is About Loyalty

Love Is More Than Saying

We all know that in order to have healthy and strong relationships, we need to be loyal to people. When we decide to be loyal to our partner, we should be faithful in every way. However, loyalty is something more than being faithful.

It is about having honest thoughts, feelings, and being truly committed to our beloved. Below is a list of things that express loyalty in a relationship in which we truly love our partner.

1. You Do Not Hide Your Phone

Being truly in love with someone does not include hiding your phone from them. You do not text with people secretly because you are worried that they would find out what you are talking about.

You would never save people under fake names in your contact list. And, you would never have late-night calls and lie about who is calling you.

2. You Do Not Think About Dating Apps

When you are madly in love with a person, you do not even think about applications such as Tinder in order to find yourself someone who would make you feel more self-confident. Although it may be harmless, you do not like flirting with other people.

3. You Do Not Act Like You Are Single

Loving someone deeply happens when you do not hide you are taken. You would never behave like someone who is single.

Sharing your number with people who are interested in dating you is not an option. You would not behave in a way so people would think you are “on the market.”

4. You Do Not Lose Self-Control

If you love your partner, you would never use alcohol to justify your infidelity or flirting. Your previous partner does not come to your mind, you do not contact them or see them as a rebound option. When you are in a relationship with someone, you do not give other people a chance to be with you.

5. You Do Not Go To Your Ex

Some people run to their exes whenever they have a problem in their relationship. But, if you truly love your partner, you would never go back to your ex no matter what.

Jumping in bed with the first person you meet just because you had a fight with your partner is NEVER an option. Destroying your relationship that has been built on trust and faith just for a one-night stand does not cross your mind.

6. You Do Not Make Your Partner Jealous

When you are head over heels for someone, you would never use other people to make them jealous. And, when your partner becomes jealous of something, you would not call them crazy.

7. You Would Never Cheat

When you are in a real relationship with your partner, and you love them deeply, cheating would never occur to you. You would never think of losing your beloved because of your wish to satisfy your needs. Hurting your partner is never an option.

8. You Take Love Seriously

Loving someone means taking them seriously, respecting them, and treating them with kindness. No matter what happens you choose to stay loyal to your partner.

9. You Would Never Embarrass Them

Since you are truly in love with your partner, you would always be careful how you act when you are in public. You would not like to embarrass them because you know that is not a nice feeling.

Also, you would be careful what you are saying in private as well because you would not like to make your partner feel ashamed.

10. You Accept Your Partner as They Are

Being in love and being loyal to your partner means accepting them as they are, and not wanting to change them. You accept their weaknesses, and you would always try to help in overcoming them.

11. You Are Always There

When you are in love with someone, you are always there for them, and you constantly remind them that you would never leave them. Your partner needs to know you are the person that will always be there for them.

12. You Keep Your Promises

Saying one thing and doing another is not loyalty. When you love someone you try to always keep your promises. And, when something forces you to disappoint them, you try to make it up to your partner.

13. You Never Speak Bad Things

Being in a relationship means you are going to face difficulties besides the good things. But, when you are angry with your partner, you should share how you feel with someone who is close to you.

However, sharing your feelings is not the same as speaking bad things about your partner. As you can see, loving someone is more than just saying you love them. You need to express true love and loyalty to receive the same.