Love Means Hard Work – We Can’t Just Walk Away When Things Get Hard

Love Means Hard Work - You Can't Just Walk Away When Things Get Hard

What is true love? Is it when we leave after one little fight because we don’t want to deal with all that drama? No, it is not! Throwing our hands in the air after a small argument, and deciding to end everything is not love.

No one throws everything they’ve created away because of a small blip in their happiness.

Loving someone means talking things out and trying to solve problems together. It means giving a chance to that person to explain the motive and reasons behind their actions. It means giving that person a chance to tell what they think and feel.

It means figuring out ways to solve the problem after finishing the discussion about the problem. Both of you should focus on finding a way to improve yourselves and compromise your relationship.

You should find a way to let that argument strengthen your relationship instead of ruining it.

Loving someone means fighting for them, and sacrificing for them. It means working your a*s off for them and trying to be a better person for them. It means fighting for them until you have exhausted every possibility.

You shouldn’t think that your relationship is doomed just because one thing went wrong. On the contrary, you should both be willing to put as much time and effort as possible to make the necessary changes and get things right.

You should start seeing changes as something that will make your relationship even better and healthier.

Loving someone doesn’t mean just supporting your significant other in their good days. It also means being there for them on their worst days. It doesn’t mean abandoning them when they get depressed or anxious just because you don’t know what to do or say to help.

It doesn’t mean leaving them alone when they are sick or sad and not taking them to the doctor just because they are not your problem. Loving someone means not allowing that person to suffer alone because you do everything as a team.

And, teams are in everything together, even for things they didn’t sign up for when they started forming.

It’s stepping outside of your ego and seeing the value in that person and your relationship. It’s forming a bond that no one can break.

Loving someone means accepting that not always will be easy. It’s just not possible to spend your life with someone without going through tough periods. Life is tough, and relationships as well.

Sh*ts happen, but you can overcome them only if you are together. Find strength in your love to overcome challenges and build a life together.

Loving someone means being there for them on good and bad days. It means giving your best to keep your relationship healthy as you know you do better as a team than you do apart.

If you really love someone, you don’t walk away when things get tough. You don’t leave at the first sign of trouble. On the opposite, you try even harder than before. You make your relationship even stronger.

Being with the right person means believing with all your heart that you are strong enough to make it through anything. So, don’t let anything prevent you from getting your happily ever after!