When the Love is Gone It’s Time to Let the Relationship Go As Well

We all want a perfect relationship, but most of the time things don’t go as planned. Sadly, no matter how much we try to make it work, it doesn’t always end up the way we believed it would. That spark is now gone.

Now we are both distant and reserved. Well, when the love is gone, it is obvious what would happen next. But, why are you still trying to maintain that loveless and affectionless relationship? What is it that gives you hope?

Do you think spending time together will return that spark you once had? What’s the point? Will all your effort pay off? Do you still hope things would go back to the same way they were before? If that is the case, we recommend you let go.

Letting go is the smartest decision. If your partner hasn’t been passionate with you, they are most certainly passionate with someone else. No wonder the relationship is already sinking. But, it is not your fault.

You did nothing wrong. You did what you could have done, and it is best to leave that sinking ship. No matter what you will do, it will never be enough. They will never appreciate you. So, there is nothing to feel guilty about.

If your partner doesn’t love you, you can’t force them to. You have to have the courage to move on.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Your heart is broken, and you feel helpless. Remember, for a relationship to work out, both sides need to make it work. There is no shame in being disappointed. It happens. What you need to do is let go.

If your partner doesn’t love you back, you need to let go.

It’s Not Over

Breaking up after such a long time is not easy. In fact, saying goodbye doesn’t end the relationship. The most difficult thing to do is heal your wounds. It will take time. So, allow yourself to heal. Go ahead and cry.

It is alright to let yourself feel the emotions. Don’t hide them. You have to be patient and strong so that you will find someone else who will appreciate you more than you can imagine.

Don’t Forget Why You Broke Up

When that pain becomes a distant memory, and you see him again, remember why you did what you did. Remember everything you’ve been through to get where you are now. Do not let the same person into your life again.

If you do, you will sacrifice your happiness to be with the person you once loved. He may want to get back together, but you know better. You know what happened and how you felt. You are the only one who will remember that pain.

But, if you let them into your life once more, everything you have done so far will be in vain. There is no lesson in repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Instead, you should learn from them and improve your life.

In time, luck will smile upon you, and you will find the person you deserve.