Inspirational Story about the True Meaning of Love and Marriage

Inspirational Story about the True Meaning of Love and Marriage

Fiddler on the Roof – sounds familiar?  Why are we talking about the famous play that many schools perform in an article about marriage and love? Well, in that play there is one scene where the man asks his wife if she is still in love with him.

The wife startled by the questions answered that for 25 long years of marriage she took care of their home, has cared for him, cooked his food, reared their children, and made his bed. And then she asks him: “If that is not loving, then what it is?

This playful interaction actually shows one of the best elements when it comes to true love – selflessness. You see, when we first fall in love most of us say things such as “I need you,” “I want to be with you,” “I love you.”

What does this show? That all the concentration is on the “I” part. This is completely normal and fine. However, on the other hand, true love is a normal and healthy marriage that concentrates on meeting the needs of our partner and not only on our needs.

Falling in love is just the beginning. It is actually the first step in an incredible journey where two individuals become the same individual. However, the extreme feelings of intimacy which were first felt will eventually taper off.

So the inevitable question comes, how can people in marriage keep the passion alive? Well, it is not as complicated as everyone thinks.

In order to keep the passion alive, you need to focus on being caring and considerate. Remember that actions always speak louder than words.

Therefore, your own behavior towards your partner will show how much she or he means to you. How you behave towards them shows how little or how much you truly care about them.

Infatuation and love are two completely different things. We know that love isn’t just a feeling. Love is a decision; it is a commitment.

Love is the action of deliberately making a choice to dedicate yourself and all your energy to making your significant other happy.

In case your love is founded only upon feelings then it is most likely that your marriage shall crumble. The concentration needs to be on cultivating an appreciation for your partner and sustaining the relationship you have on a daily basis.

This can cause warmth and harmony. You shall start experiencing what it truly means to love and cherish one another. This is why marriage advice usually focuses on the idea of being considerate towards your partner.

If that does not happens, selfishness appears and eventually chokes the relationship. You need to understand that love is much more than a feeling – it is actually a verb, it is an action. The action we show continually no matter how we feel on some days.

In the play we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the wife showed it so bluntly, yet so beautifully. Her loving care and selflessness which she so freely offered for so many years show a breadth and depth of her love that was clearly beyond question.

Here’s another interesting, short story about the meaning of love and marriage.

Finally, we must ask, how selfless is your love? What would your significant other say about it? Ask yourself if you are more focused on what you can get out of the relationship or are you more focused on what you can put in the relationship?

You see, the truth is that loving your spouse unselfishly and selflessly makes true love in marriage.