20 Valuable Life Lessons Mothers Should Tell Their Sons

20 Valuable Life Lessons Every Mother Should Tell Her Son

Parents know that parenting doesn’t come with instructions. At the same time, they are afraid that they are going to mess up their own children. Raising a healthy, happy kid is actually one of the most challenging jobs one parent might have.

But at the same time, it is one of the most rewarding jobs. We as parents might use the same parenting techniques our parents used on us or act according to our gut reactions.

What is an effective parenting skill? Well, one of them is talking to your kid honestly. Today we are going to talk about a few things a mother should teach her son.

You see, for sons, their mother is the first woman in their life; This bond means a lot as they are kids and later in life as adults.

As a mother, there are a couple of things you should teach your son. This is not a final list of things, but it is a good start. Read on to find out more.

20 Life Lessons Your Son Should Know

#1 You should always treat people around you with the same amount of respect you wish to be treated with.

#2 Let me introduce you to the oven, mop, vacuum, broom, iron, washing machine, and dishwasher. Now you can use them as well.

#3 Remember to always treat women kindly. Bear in mind that forever is just too long to live alone, and believe me it is even longer when you spend eternity with someone who hates you.

#4 When you pee use careful aim, because someone has to clean up after you, and that is me, and as you grow up it will have to be you.

#5 Always take pride in your appearance.

#6 Bear in mind that a woman can do everything you can do. That means you changing diapers in the early morning around 4 am and her having a successful career. The key to a good, healthy, and stable relationship is mutual respect.

#7 When you are young make sure to save money because someday you might need it.

#8 Don’t scratch your “private parts” in public, there is a reason they are known as “private.”

#9 Do you know what is always a good idea? Bringing her flowers for no reason. That is how you keep the spark alive.

#10 Never be a bully and never begin a fight, however, if someone clocks you, make sure to defend yourself.

#11 When you so badly want to win an argument and be right, remember that is always better to be kind than to be right.

#12 Be active and play a sport. Thanks to that you will learn how to lose gracefully, win honorably, work with others, respect authority, stay out of trouble and manage your time.

#13 When someone around you or maybe you need some healing, bear in mind that a sense of humor goes a long way.

#14 Choose your spouse wisely. She will be the gatekeeper for me spending time with my grandchildren and with you.

#15 Be tender and strong at the same time.

#16 Peer pressure can be a scary thing. Make sure to be a good leader, and others will surely follow.

#17 You will set the tone when it comes to making love, so never take something away from her you cannot return.

#18 The words “yes sir,” “yes ma’am,” “thank you” and “please” still go a long way.

#19 Your education and knowledge is something which is only yours; no one can take that away from you.

#20 Remember to call me from time to time because I may be missing you.