13 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

13 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

There is a big fuss about lemon water nowadays. It is like that since drinking lemon water every morning on an empty stomach is beneficial for our overall health in many different ways.

It’s a refreshing and incredibly beneficial drink. It comes with a high content of volatile oils, flavonoids, carbs, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C, protein, phosphorous, vitamin B, etc.

Lemon water has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, and it can help boost our immunity. Also, this drink is great for combating infection, thanks to its high content of vitamins, limonene, magnesium, citric acid, calcium, pectin, and bioflavonoids.

That is why consuming this drink first thing in the morning can help prevent hunger cravings, help digestion, form an alkaline that balances the Ph levels of the body, detoxify the system, and boost weight loss.

It is said that consuming lemon water every single morning can help us deal with some health problems.

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13 Health Issues Lemon Water Can Help Treat

#1 Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Lemons contain citric acid which helps prevent the formation of calcium kidney stones (1).

#2 Boosts Weight Loss and Suppresses Appetite

Lemons contain enzymes and vitamins which regulate blood glucose and also help keep a healthy weight (2)

Moreover, lemon has pectin, which helps prevent food cravings. On the other hand, lemon juice stimulates bile production and helps digestion, needed for decomposing the food throughout the digestive process.

#3 Diminishes Inflammation

Lemons can help balance acidity thanks to the alkaline byproducts they produce when metabolized (3). This, in turn, helps reduce and prevent inflammation.

#4 Helps Relieve Swelling and Pain in the Joints

A study shows that a combination of fish oil omega-3s with lemon extract helps relieve joint pain and discomfort (4). Even though the study was conducted on animals, you have nothing to lose for trying it out.

#5 Acid Reflux

Mixing water with small amounts of lemon juice can help relieve acid reflux (5). However, drinking plenty of lemon water can have opposite effects.

#6 Dry Skin

Lemons contain plenty of vitamin C which reduces the risk of dry skin and wrinkles (6). So, drinking lemon water regularly will improve your skin quality.

#7 Strengthens Finger Nails

Lemon water can help prevent white spots and strengthen your nails.

#8 Relieve Colitis

Colitis occurs due to an imbalance in the alkaline/acid levels of the body. So, consuming one glass of lemon water on a daily basis could balance the pH levels and lower acidity. Still, there are no studies that can prove this effect of lemon water.

#9 Helps Ease Food-Borne Illnesses

This drink is useful for preventing food poisoning thanks to lemon’s antibacterial properties.

#10 Eases Pain from Stones in the Gall Bladder

It is said that consuming lemon water helps ease the pain triggered by gallbladder stones.

#11 Strengthens Immunity

Lemon water helps boost immunity, thus helping to get rid of pathogens found in the body.

#12 Treats Flu and Common Colds

Lemons are abundant in vitamin C, and therefore they come with potent antibacterial and antiviral properties and also boost immunity. That is why lemon water can help treat and prevent common colds and flu.

#13 Whitens Teeth

Lemon water can make your teeth whiter than before, and combining it with some baking soda will make an excellent natural paste for teeth whitening (7).