Interesting Reasons to Cut Lemons And Keep Them In the Bedroom

What Happens When You Keep Lemon Slices Next to Your Bed

The vitamin C-rich fruit called lemon is one of the healthiest ones on the planet, providing valuable nutrients and beneficial properties. One way to enjoy the refreshing taste and amazing health benefits of lemons is in the form of lemon water.

In fact, drinking a glass of warm lemon water has become a morning ritual for many health nuts around the world.

Common Health Benefits of Lemons

Some of the most common health benefits of lemons include:

  • improving mood
  • boosting the immune system
  • reducing body weight
  • lowering the blood pressure
  • increasing the iron absorption
  • maintaining a healthy complexion
  • preventing asthma

Lemons have these therapeutic properties thanks to their incredible nutrient content. (1)

Nutrient Info

One lemon contains the following nutrients:

  • 17 calories
  • 5mg of vitamin C
  • 17g of fat
  • 7mg of magnesium
  • 15mg of calcium
  • 64g of protein
  • 5mg of iron
  • 41g of carbs, out of which 1.6 g of fiber
  • 1mg of vitamin A
  • 13mg of phosphorus
  • 9mcg of folate
  • 2mg of sodium
  • 116mg of potassium
  • 05mg of zinc

What Happens If You Place Lemon Slices Next to Your Bed

Consuming lemons is not the only way to obtain their health benefits. Namely, you can benefit from this citrus fruit even if cut into slices and left in your bedroom.

Here are five reasons to cut three lemons into slices and place them on the nightstand in your bedroom:

  1. Cleanse the air and make your bedroom smell fresh
  2. Reduce tiredness and relieve hangover
  3. Sharpen your mind
  4. Boost your energy levels
  5. Improve breathing and treat asthma and common cold

Surprising Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

The benefits of this citrus fruit don’t stop here. As Dr. JV Hebbar from the Alvas Ayurveda Medical College Moodbidri explains, you can use lemon oil in the following ways:

Weight loss

Drink a glass of water with two drops of lemon oil three times a day. This will speed up your metabolism and aid the weight loss process.

Boost the Immune System

Mix some lemon essential oil with coconut oil or other carrier oil, and rub it on the neck to improve the lymphatic drainage, thus strengthen the immune system.

Natural Disinfectant

Use a solution of 16oz of water, 20 drops of tea tree oil, 40 drops of lemon oil, and some white vinegar to spray the countertops and shower. In this way, you will disinfect these areas as well as eliminate mold.

Teeth Whitener

To make your teeth whiter, rub them with some lemon oil, coconut oil, and baking soda for two minutes. Then, rinse them off.

Boost Mood

This oil will make your home smell pleasant, thus improve your mood and reduce depression symptoms.

Natural Face Cleanser

Besides improving the skin complexion, this oil treats skin problems as well. For example, mix some lemon oil, honey, and baking soda and wash your face to treat acne.

Cleanses Sticky Stuff

Use lemon oil to clean sticker residues and sticky stains from gums.

Clean Hands

If you add several drops of lemon essential oil to your standard liquid soap, you can remove all the grease and dirt from your hands.

Laundry Detergent

The unpleasant smell of your clothes can be neutralized by adding some lemon oil to your laundry detergent. Also, this will make your white clothes whiter than before.

Wood and Silver Polisher

Make your wooden surfaces and silver jewelry shine by rubbing them with a cloth soaked in some lemon oil.

As you can see, lemons have a wide range of uses. So, why not try them out and see the fantastic results.