Why Today is The Right Time to Leave the Person That Doesn’t Deserve Us

This Is Why Today Is The Right Time to Leave the Person That Doesn't Deserve You

Who is desperately waiting for someone to change and finally treat them the way they deserve? While having hope is a good thing, living a life that doesn’t make us happy for too long is madness. It’s practically illogical.

Why would we waste our lives waiting for something that doesn’t even depend on us? In other words, we let another person dictate our life and our happiness. Why would we do that, or better, why are we doing that to ourselves?

Loving someone that doesn’t treat you with respect and who doesn’t care about your happiness may be understandable to some extent. But, being with that person and putting up with their sh*tty behavior every day is neither logical nor acceptable.

It’s not fair for you and your life. It’s not fair for the people who truly love you to see you sinking deeper and deeper every day, and all because of one person!

You might have been in that deep dark hole for too long, so you have accepted that way of life as normal. But it’s not! Life can be beautiful, happy, and you can be respected, cherished, and loved!

Or, you might be afraid to leave them fearing that you will never find another person like them. But, that person that you are so afraid to leave is toxic to you. It has poisoned your life and tricked your mind into believing that what you two have is something special.

The reality is what you two have is not true love, but a toxic one. You are always giving love and care without receiving anything.

Deep down, you know that’s not fair and that you have to walk away from them as soon as possible. You are only postponing that moment unnecessarily.

It may be hard to leave them after investing so much time, love, and effort in your relationship without getting any result, but your life is not over. You have to think about your life in days to come.

Focus on the things that really make you happy and spend more time with people that appreciate and care about you.

It’s time to make that life-changing decision to stop the agony and start living again. And, you can only achieve that if you leave the person that’s holding you back. The person that has never respected you and treated you the way you deserve.

The person that has always taken you for granted. The person that didn’t care about your love! It’s time to leave them once and for good!

Staying with the person that has made your life miserable is more emotionally painful than leaving them.

You must gather your strength and find the courage to leave without turning back. Let them go and rebuild your life again because it’s never too late even if you are in your 50s or 60s.

You must start to appreciate your life more; you deserve that to yourself! In the end, it will all be worth it!