Introverts – 7 Reasons Why They Are One of a Kind

Introverts - 7 Reasons Why They Are One of a Kind

Some people are known as anti-social or too sensitive. They are seen as people who don’t speak enough or who are too quiet or too shy. Sounds familiar?

Well, people with these traits are called introverts.

It is a term which not many people understand. Introverts prefer to have only meaningful and deep conversations; they value more empathy, calmness, and modesty than anything else.

It is important for everyone to appreciate different personalities, cultures, and people. It is vital to value both extroverts and introverts and respect each for their own differences.

It is important to learn that you shouldn’t make introverts speak more or be more social. It is important to understand that extroverts have qualities, people seem to forget about.

It is about time to give some credit to the introverts who are always being told to do something else and change. If you are an introvert, you should know that there are things you should celebrate about yourself.

Which ones? Read on to find out.

7 Reasons Why Introverts Are Amazing

#1 You Are More Empathetic

Understand that by nature you are more emotionally responsive since as an extrovert you are more sensitive to things around you. This also includes people. You can sense what people are feeling and therefore show more understanding and compassion.

#2 You Are More Sensitive to the Happy Hormone – Dopamine

What does this mean? That as a person you need less to be happy. Literally speaking, less is more when it comes to your happiness. You can easily get overwhelmed and overstimulated by the power of your emotions if they are in abundance.

Therefore even the smallest and simplest things such as writing about your feelings, reading a good book, watching a good movie or having a deep conversation with a loved one are enough for you to be happy.

#3 You Love Your Alone Time

You cherish and need your alone time. It helps you to recharge, and re-energize. This usually happens after times of heavy social interaction.

Thanks to this alone time you connect to yourself and you are at peace with who you are, that is why you have a  life with good quality. Inner peace is your wealth.

You are perfectly happy with yourself, so there is less possibility of suffering from loneliness.

#4 You Are Independent

Most introverts don’t need others to think creatively or get things done. As a matter of fact, you are twice better when you are on your own.

It is said that one of the best introverts are Elon Musk, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Wozniak.

#5 Introverts Are Great Listeners

Being a good listener means you are a good person.

Other feel heard around you. This is one amazing trait about you. Because you listen, you are more likely to respond with reasonable words. And listening is the best base of every relationship.

#6 You Are A Deep Thinker

You dive deep into your experiences, emotions, and thoughts. It is like that since you have a complex brain when it comes to processing things. You experience everything more potently, and you reflect on things from a philosophical viewpoint.

This helps to make good decisions and eventually causes joy in your life.

#7 You Appreciate Everything Around You

You’re sensitive to things around you, and therefore you appreciate and notice the world around you. You notice the scent of the flowers, the singing of the birds and the color of the trees, you notice them and feel them.

You can deeply experience the magnificence of the world. And you are grateful for that.

Final Thoughts

These are only 7 reasons to appreciate the fact that you are an introvert. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert and an introvert, you need to listen to yourself and do what your gut tells you.

In this life it is important to find yourself, accept yourself and love yourself. Don’t try that hard to change, embrace who you are and you will embrace life. These are your emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and body, so you should embrace them.

Sometimes they shall be all you have. Therefore the best thing would be just to accept them. Loving yourself is the new cool, remember that!