How to Instantly Defog Car Windows

How To Instantly Defog Car Windows

People who live in places with cold weather know the problem of foggy windows. When we get in our car in the morning and prepare to drive, suddenly we cannot see anything because of the fog on our windows.

And, we cannot drive till the fog is gone. Usually, we would wait for the fog to disappear. But, now, there is a way to deal with that issue. This is a method that works perfectly, and you should know it.

One man who is named Chris Fix has tried everything to get rid of foggy windows. So, he took a paint tape and made five different sections on the window of his car in order to test distinct solutions.

Then, he took what he needed for his experiment which is baby shampoo, RainX, potatoes, shaving cream, as well as hand sanitizer. In the beginning, he did not believe that any of these things would work.

However, he wanted to test them and see what would happen when they are compared. So, Chris applied each of the materials on their separate parts, and he boiled some water in a pot and took the hot water into his car in order to cause fogging.

He found out that some solutions proved to be useless. Anyway, several of the items turned out to be useful. So, it is clear why this test that Chris made became famous over the Internet.

Chris’ experiment showed that the RainX and the shaving cream worked perfectly well. You can watch the video to see the whole procedure of the experiment. You must admit that you could not even think that these products would work.