Incredible Bridges That Save Thousands Of Animals Every Year

These Incredible Bridges Save Thousands Of Animals Every Year!

Over millions of years, animals did not have time to adapt to the fast changes in the world because of their slow evolution. Among these changes, there are many fatal ones, and the deadliest are the millions of cars around the world.

They go at speeds of 100 meters per hour on roads that go through ancient animals’ habitats. So, it is not a surprise that worldwide, there are millions of animals that end up dead because of cars every year.

Besides the poor animals, people lose their lives as well. But, fortunately, people as most adaptable beings on this planet, have started building bridges. These bridges are supposed to help animals cross the highways without being in danger.

They may be underground, as tunnels, or above the ground. Singapore has that type of a bridge. This is an amazing and helpful way that gives animals safety in a world full of dangers.

On the picture above, you can see a bridge made of ropes that stretches across the Hume Highway. A lot of animals use this bridge to make it to the other side. You can see a cockatoo walking on it. Isn’t this amazing?

Source: Turn This Page