The Reason Why a Man Loses His Woman Even If She Still Loves Him

This Is How A Man Loses His Woman Even If She Still Loves Him

He is still hoping that the girl he knows is still out there, loving him with all of her heart. But, he doesn’t know that she isn’t always going to be there, waiting for him to finally treat her the way she deserves.

She is not going to stay forever if he doesn’t show that he cares and appreciates her. He will lose her even if she loves him the most.

He stopped telling her nice words, and he stopped showing how much she means to him. He stopped kissing her for goodnight and sending her cute text messages that used to melt her heart. So, she goes to sleep without waiting for him to hug her.

She wakes up without expecting a “good morning” message from him. He just stopped looking at her the same way as he did before – with so much love that she forgets every problem. She is no longer expecting him to change because he never gave her a reason to do so.

She is no longer his priority in life, and she knows it. He stopped making her happy; he stopped making her feel like the most important person in his world. Now she feels invisible.

He took her for granted, and she no longer feels appreciated, valued, or cherished. Maybe she is still here, but that’s because of her tolerant attitude. But, if he continues to treat her wrong, he is going to lose her forever.

It is then that he will realize how happy he was to have her in his life. But, it’ll be too late.

He never thought about her in his free time. He never found a time to call her during his office hours just to tell her that he misses her. He never made an effort to get in touch with her or to know how her day was, or how she feels. Well, no woman can go on like this forever.

She neither expects nor wants him to give her all of his time, just more than he gives now. She knows she deserves to be his priority. She knows she deserves more of his time.

She knows she deserves to feel like she is the most important person in his world. And, she knows he’s not capable of giving these things to her.

She can’t remember the last time he told her that she is beautiful. She doesn’t remember the last time he stared at her and made her feel like the only woman in the world. She doesn’t remember the last time he cared about her emotional and physical wellbeing.

She doesn’t remember the last time he tried to make her laugh. She doesn’t remember the last time she felt he wants to see her happy.

Little things like hugging her when she has a rough day or asking her if she is doing okay today are very important for her, but not for him. He thinks they are trivial matters and doesn’t bother to spend his time on them.

The inability to see the importance of these little things is another reason why he will eventually lose her. Soon, she will start treating him the way he’s been treating her for so long.

They might be together, but she feels lonelier than ever, and he doesn’t even notice. She feels ignored and underestimated, and that hurts her deeply. It hurts her when she feels like she is in a relationship she doesn’t belong in.

It hurts her to know that he doesn’t think it is important to treat her better. It hurts her to know that she will have to leave him and not turn back.

He will lose her, and it will be his fault. She will still love him, but her love will no longer be enough to make her want to stay and put up with his bulls*it anymore.

So, let me ask the person who reads this, are you treating your partner the way they deserve, or you have taken them for granted?