Even Besides Everything, I Still Hope There is a Chance for Us

Even Besides Everything, I Still Hope There Is A Chance For Us

The thief who stole my most precious thing and disappeared was him. He came into my life when I did not expect it and when I was in my most vulnerable state. I felt safe because he made me think so. He made me think that I should never worry about his presence.

This one’s for him:

When you were gone, I realized that I have lost myself and my heart, and you have taken every hope I had. Only because of you do I believe that second chances can be endless when you love someone so much.

You were so comfortable around me, and you kept sharing the poems and songs you wrote, and I was very proud of you. However, that nice feeling I had is gone because I know that you were excellent at stealing hearts and disappearing.

I remain calm even though I have many judgments and doubts. I want to accept you with all your flaws and show the others that you may not be perfect, but you are at least trying to be.

I am aware that you have been surrounded by many friends, and my presence may not mean a lot, but I want to risk it because I believe that there is a chance for us.

Besides being a thief, you are a warrior as well. I have witnessed how you managed to stay calm even though you have conquered the misconceptions of people. Although you are not used to telling the stories, you tried to tell me.

You treated the opened scars like they were wounds again. I am glad that I was the one to hear about your past. In that way, I realized that even though you may not have love deep inside, I mean something to you.

I am afraid that one day you may forget about the time we have spent together. You may forget about those moments when I was right by your side calming you over your anxiety, or those moments when you were alone, but I was there for you.

You mean a lot to me, and even if it is the smallest possibility, I want to hold onto it. You are not just a thief who stole hearts. You are more because you have given a lot of love to take care of those hearts.

Maybe this relationship is not just like I imagined, but I am happy. Being with you is more than enough for me to still have faith. I really hope that one day, you will be able to see how much hope I have, and we can be free and happy.