12 Healthy Love and Relationship Lessons

12 Healthy Love And Relationship Lessons

Going through many messy relationships is not for nothing.  It’s for people to realize that all of those failed relationships were worthy lessons. So, in the article, we will present several relationship lessons.

1. Wild Relationships Need to End

Being in a wild relationship that involves yelling, screaming, and crying may seem like fun, but it is not. It may become a vicious circle from which you cannot get out, so the best thing to do is to break up that kind of relationship after 6 weeks.

2. Do Not Confuse Passion With Emotional Abuse

You should know that screaming, yelling, fighting, and crying do not indicate a passionate relationship, but emotional abuse. If you are in that kind of relationship, you should know that is not loved because when love is real, you do not need stuff like that.

3. Do Not Confuse Codependency With Love

When you are truly in love with your partner, you love them, but you are aware that you can live without them. But, being codependent means that you do not love your partner, but you need them to function well.

4. Rapid-Fire Romance Ends Fast

Meeting someone, and saying “I love you” on the third date cannot be love. In fact, a relationship that has begun fast will end fast as well. So, do not go all crazy if your partner has expressed their love after the third date.

5. You Cannot Love Someone You Do Not Know

We all love those movies and books in which a couple meets, and they fall in love at the first sight. But, sorry to inform you, that is not real. Just think about that, how can you truly love a person if you do not know that at all.

Of course, you may be attracted because of their appearance, but that is different from love.

6. Alcohol is the Enemy Of Relationships

If you and your partner are completely drunk, do not even think of starting a relationship because alcohol may confuse you, and when you are sober, you may realize that you and that individual are not made for each other.

7. Make a Difference Between Your Baggage and Relationship Baggage

For instance, if you are in a new relationship, and you are jealous because the previous partner cheated on you, you should remind yourself that is your problem. You should not act frustrated in your new relationship because of your ex.

8. Do Not Lose Yourself

When you get into a relationship with someone, make sure to be yourself. You should now allow losing yourself, your friends, your true self because that is never-ending well.

9. Do Not Wear Sweatpants 24/7

Being in a relationship does not mean that you should forget that you are a sensual being. You should take good care of yourself, and do not wear sweats and face masks all the time. Stay attractive to keep the sparks alive.

10. Intercourse is Important

When you are in a long relationship, you may forget about intercourse, but that is a mistake. If you do not make love with your partner, you will be just best friends. Do not let to lose the sense of intimacy.

11. Distance is Important

From time to time, you should make plans with your friends that do not include your partner. At least once a week hanging out with your friends without your partner. When you spend time alone, you give a chance to miss your beloved, and for them to miss you.

12. Have Your Own Money

Never allow yourself to depend on your partner financially. Being financially stable gives you freedom of choice, and if things are not working, you would be able to end that relationship without being worried about finance.

These are very helpful relationship lessons that you will learn and experience through life. Moreover, we offer you several relationship habits that we often mistake as healthy.

1. Your Partner “Your Everything”

When you say that your partner is your “everything” you actually mean that everything other in your life including yourself is “nothing.” It is not healthy to think that if you do not have your partner your life has no meaning.

2. Communicating ALL the Time

Although having good communication with your partner is good and healthy, you should be careful because constant communication is not good.

3. Asking Your Partner to Fix You

If you are feeling emotionally unwell, you should not ask your partner to make you feel better because they cannot. The only person that can help in fixing you is you. Make sure to take care of yourself, and do not expect your partner to be there for you every time you feel down.

4. Sugar-coating

You should be nice to your partner, but also make sure to take care of yourself. It is not healthy to be that nice, so you cannot tell your partner they have something on their face during lunch, for example.

As you know, relationships are nice and healthy only if you act nice and healthy. The most important thing is to be in a relationship for the right reasons and not to lose your identity in it.