We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime – Each One for a Specific Reason

We All Have Only 3 Loves In Our Lives Because Of These 3 Reasons

It is believed that we fall in love with only three individuals in our life. Also, we need every love for a different reason. Usually, our first huge love happens when we are in high school.

That love seems perfect, just like the love we find in books and movies. In fact, that type of love is what we should be doing for the sake of our environment and our families.

When we fall in love, we have a deep feeling that it is the right, proper and only way we should love.

And, if this love one day does not seem right, we decide to swallow our pride and do what we should do to make it work because we think that real love looks exactly like that one.

In this type of love, it is more meaningful to us how people see us than our feelings. This love just seems right. Love number two is supposed to be hard love.

This love gives us lessons about who we are as individuals and how frequently we need to be loved. This love is usually followed by pain, lies, and even manipulation, so, it hurts.

Although we think we are making different choices, we still make the same mistakes just because we need to learn lessons. This type of love can be like a vicious circle.

We often repeat it because we think that it may have a different end. But still, every time it ends in a worse way than the previous one.

At times, this love seems unhealthy, narcissistic, and out of balance. You may experience mental, emotional, even physical abuse, and there will be a lot of drama.

Since this is an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, we are like junkies addicted to it, and we choose to stay in the hope of getting something better. Attempting to make this type of love work, we give it more importance than we should.

This is the love that we wanted to be perfect. But, what about love number three? Well, this love is the love that one never sees coming. This love seems wrong and destroying everything we hope for love to be. It comes so easy, and we even think it is unreal.

We cannot explain the connection that sweeps us off our feet because we have never even thought of it.

It happens when we meet someone who is just the right one, and there are no perfect expectations about how someone should behave or pressure to be someone else rather than yourself.

We are deeply touched because someone accepts us just the way we are. Usually, this love is not what we have imagined, and it is not following our rules, but it is that good, so we realize that love can be real even if it is not as we wished it to be.

This third love is persistent; it feels right. Not everyone would experience this type of love in this life, but that may mean that they are not prepared for it. It may mean that before you get real love, you need to learn its meaning.

And, some people need an entire life in order to learn what true love means. Those who are fortunate need just a few years to realize. Also, sometimes, it may be the love that is not prepared for us.

Moreover, there are people who experience love just once, and their love is strong and passionate until the day they die.

When you see a picture of old people who hold their hands and love each other just as in the beginning, you just question whether you know at all what love means.

People who get this type of love are exhausted from trying. They have broken hearts that make them question their way of love. Their love is right, but maybe their partner never loved them the same way.

However, it does not mean that love cannot be successful some other time. Instead of making limitations, we should love with no limits.

Each of us can make a choice and stay with our first love, or we can stay with our second love while believing that fighting for it makes it right. And, of course, we can choose to believe this last love that feels like a peaceful home.

First loves are special, second loves are also somehow different, and third loves are just beautiful. This love is unexpected, lasting, and it is the answer to all of your questions like “Why this doesn’t work?”

No matter how hard it seems, you should never give up on love. Always choose “try again” instead of “give up” because love comes at the most unexpected places during the most surprising times. Thanks to Elephant Journal for the inspiration.