12 Reasons to Marry a Nurse

12 Reasons Why the Happiest Men End up Marrying This Surprising Profession

Looking for an ideal partner to marry? Well, the search is over! Surely, people have never thought to look in the nearest hospital to find a spouse. Yes, that’s right! Here is what we suggest people look for.

We suggest people look for a nurse. That’s right. Well, these 12 reasons will tell why we suggest people should date a nurse.

1. Nurses Know How to Be Supportive

Nurses are extremely kind, especially when they handle patients. Every day they deal with patients who are sick with different health problems. This profession is a combination of kindness and toughness.

Every day, nurses have to help their patients get through the most difficult times in their life.

So, they end up supporting them at their worst. Nurses help people in the most difficult times. They are there to comfort and support them when people need it the most. Since they never let their patients quit, they won’t let you quit either.

2. The Shift Hours Give You a Lot of Space

Due to their shifts, nurses are often apart from their partners during the weirdest hours. If you are someone who wants space, this is the ideal arrangement. After all, both of you will have enough time to be on your own without the need to accommodate your partner.

But, for others, this may prove difficult. It all depends on the points of view.

3. They Are Kind and Compassionate

People who choose to be nurses are kind by nature. They are fulfilled and happy when they are helping someone else. That is why they end up putting other people’s needs before their own. Well, the family can also benefit from their selfless predilection.

4. A Nurse Is a Partner with Benefits

Nurses know exactly how to help you when you are in need of medical services. Plus, they are familiar with your optimal health, the medications you use, and the things you are dealing with.

That is why there is no better person than a nurse to help you treat your illness or health problem. Plus, when a different family member needs medical care, a nurse is always there to help.

5. Steady Income

Nurses usually have a steady income. Since they are in high demand, their job is well-paid. That is why your spouse can help you when you are in a bind.

6. Nurses Are Very Intelligent

Nurses have a university degrees. That is why if you marry a nurse, you will always have something to talk about.

7. Good Listeners

Since they always spend their time with patients in need, they know how to offer support and show empathy. So, if you marry a nurse, you will have a sympathetic ear at all times.

8. They Have a Wicked Sense of Humor

Anything can happen at work. Some may deal with gross masses, belligerent patients, or suffering. These events can drive anyone nuts. That is why nurses have a wicked sense of humor.

9. They have a Deeper and Different Perspective on Life

Whenever something trivial gets broken, nurses don’t sweat over it. After all, they have dealt with something worse. That is why they can separate the important things from the unimportant ones. In other words, they will not nag.

10. Good Team Players

Nurses will usually work with their partners to get things done. This trait, especially in a marriage, is very important.

11. Can Get You Through the Difficult Times

They are trained to calm even the most stressful situations. So, a nurse spouse can surely do the same for you.

12. A Partner for Every Sticky Situation

A nurse can handle any form of emergency. So, if you have problems with your health, this trait is something you will need in your life.