How to Grow a Lemon Tree at Home (Using Just One Seed)

How to Grow a Lemon Tree at Home Using Just One Seed

Familiar with the saying: ”When life gives you lemons make lemonade?” But what if we never needed lemons because we could grow our own? What would happen if we grow our own lemons?

Wouldn’t it be great if we have fresh lemons and an unlimited amount of lemonade whenever we want? It turns out, we can grow our own lemon tree at home just by using one seed from a lemon.

Why would you like to have lemons all the time? Because they come with many health benefits. Do you know which? Read on to learn.

Health Benefits of Lemon

They are abundant in vitamin C, that means that they are great for treating sicknesses like the flu or cold.

Generally speaking, vitamin C is something which you should take on a daily basis, so the best natural way is with ice-cold lemonade. Also, you should know that the lemon promotes weight loss.

It helps digestion, and it freshens the breath. These are good enough reasons to grow a lemon tree at home, all you need now is to learn how to grow one.

How to Grow a Lemon Tree at Home

Necessary Items:

  • Pot or container;
  • An area with a lot of sun;
  • Breathable plastic film;
  • Potting soil;
  • Lemon bought from the store.

Planting the Seed:

Step #1

First, you will need to dampen the potting soul. Add the soil in a bucket and add some water. Then all you need is to mix.

Step #2

Take the pot and fill it with moistened soil all you need to do is leave on an inch of space below the rim.

Step #3

Slice open the lemon and pick one good seed. Next, you need to suck on the seed in order to remove all the flesh so that it won’t dry out. Plant the seed approximately half an inch beneath the soil.

Then water it. Close the pot with the breathable plastic in order to ensure it is moist and warm. Put the pot in a warm area. However, you need to make sure that it’s not too damp. The key is to find the balance.

Remember that too much moisture will make the seed to rot. When the plant begins to sprout, you need to remove the plastic cover. Once it has grown, you need to move it to a warm area with direct sunlight.

How to Take Care of the Lemon Tree

You need to ensure that the soil is always moist, particularly when the tree is young. And that the pot you use has drainage holes. Always see if the plant gets its needed direct sunlight. If needed feel free to add fertilizer.

When the tree starts to get bigger, you might need to replant it into a larger pot. You can keep the tree on your front porch, backyard or balcony.