What Scientists Found Deep in The Mediterranean Sea in Egypt Is Incredible

Groundbreaking Discovery On The Bottom Of The Mediterranean Sea In Egypt

Recently, divers found something that could change history. Interestingly, they revealed the ancient city called Heracleion off the bay of Aboukir, Egypt. The city used to exist about 1200 years ago, and then the ocean “swallowed” it.

Heracleion did well during the sixth century BC, and there were amazing fifteen feet tall statues of goddesses and gods made of red granite.

So, now, museums from all over the world desperately want to have even just one little piece of these findings. In this article, we offer you images to see the discovery.

This is a statue of the pharaoh, and there is Franck Goddio analyzing it. This statue is about sixteen feet tall. They found it close to a big temple.

On this photo, you can see the head of a statue made of red granite. It is featuring the god Hapi. This God represents fertility as well as abundance. To make it even more interesting, this is a rare statue.

Statues are gotten out of the water to be transported to museums.

The god Hapi, the queen, and the pharaoh are located near a temple stele which is from the second century B.C. Sadly, it was found in seventeen different parts.

In the southern part of the city, there was a gold plaque written in the Greek language. It intended to show a signature in the name of King Ptolemy III for foundation deposits.

This picture represents the God Osiris in a bronze statue. The eyes of the statue are decorated with gold sheets. The crown you can see is an emblem of power.

Here you can see a diver analyzing a statue deep in the ocean.

This bronze oil lamp is from the second century B.C.

Nectanebo ordered this inscribed stele somewhere between 378-362 B.C. Amazingly, this stele has been in the ocean for more than 1,200 years.

This gold saucer was used for serving and drinking.

This is a Ptolemaic queen who is dressed like the goddess Iris.

On this photo, you can see a statue found close to the temple of Heracleion. It has four tons of weight.

This is a Graeco – Egyptian statue of a queen.

This photo represents the head of a pharaoh’s red granite statue long more than five meters.

And, this photo shows a bronze figure of the pharaoh revealed at a temple in the city. It is from the twenty-sixth dynasty.

This is a revolutionary finding. It is amazing how this huge city has not been discovered till now. The statues and artifacts are beautiful and almost completely preserved.