There are Still Good People in the World

There Are Still Good People in the World

There were times when people were not afraid to leave their doors unlocked. People never got scared if someone knocked on their doors. But, nowadays, many homes are secured with multiple locks, even surveillance cameras.

One day, a young mother Melissa Vang got scared when the 18-yeard-old Tyler Opdyke knocked on her door. Melissa was alone at her home with her two little children.

She did not want to open the door to a complete stranger. But, when Melissa looked through the surveillance video could not believe her own eyes.

She took the phone immediately and called her husband when she saw what Tyler had done. This boy was not a thief as Melissa thought.

Tyler turned at the camera and showed Melissa cash. She saw that the boy brought the wallet of her husband.

In fact, Tyler kept safe the wallet, but by the time Melissa saw it, he was gone.

Many teenagers would be tempted to run off with the wallet, cash, and credit cards. However, he showed he has got moral, and he decided not to do it.

The mother, Melissa, felt really sorry because she did not open the door to Tyler. So, now, she wants people to know how great this boy Tyler is.

Tyler reported that each person that finds themselves in a situation like this should do as he did. He does not want praises for doing the proper thing.

Here is a video in which you can see the kindness of this boy. Nonetheless, we should be all happy that there are still good people in the world.

Source: Share Tap